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Pin Mounted 3D Acrylic Letters Add Dimension and Elegance to Office Décor in Los Angeles, CA!

 Mar 22, 2023

Earlier, we were at the National Veterinary Association (NVA) offices to put in dimensional lettering cut from acrylic. We returned to the location to install additional pin-mounted dimensional letters in Los Angeles. 

floating 3d letters in los angeles, ca

Floating 3D Letters Create a Professional and Eye-Catching Ambiance

For this project element, our technicians fabricated another set of dimensional letters. We used half-inch-thick acrylic letters because the material looks good and fits the overall atmosphere of the space. However, instead of mounting the pieces flat to the wall, we pin-mounted them. Doing so puts some distance between the wall and the backs of the elements, which creates the illusion of floating letters.

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