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Perforated Window Graphics for Schools in Los Angeles!

 Feb 22, 2021

Located at 801 West Highlander Avenue, La Habra High School is the home of the Highlanders. In the past, our sign shop assisted this client with a variety of hallway wall graphics for the gym area. This time around, they were interested in perforated window graphics for schools in Los Angeles!

Working with Coach-Designed Graphics and Window Mullions

Perforated Window Graphics for Schools in Los Angeles

The school’s athletic coach did a lot of the heavy lifting for the project and designed the graphics that would go on the windows. These glass panels are on one of the older buildings with a vista of the parking lot. As a result, it would be an excellent installation project to greet teachers, students, and parents.

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Our technicians used perforated vinyl, which lets the sunshine enter the space even though those on the exterior cannot see inside. Moreover, students on the inside can see out. You will notice the school colors and their abbreviation. Because there were extensive mullions, our technicians precision-cut the individual panels for a perfect fit.

perforated window graphics for schools in la habra

Now the customized window graphics look great and give the building a neat appearance. The colors match the hues of the building’s walls and the doors. It is a budget-friendly way of transforming the location’s overall look and feel.

Window Graphics for Schools? Superior Signs and Graphics Does Them!

window graphics for schools in orange county ca

We were fortunate that La Habra High School’s athletic coach is artistically inclined and put together an excellent set of images. Our graphic artist had to do little more than calculate the specs’ sizing and allow for the mullion area cuts.

However, you do not have to provide us with fully developed graphics. Our team will gladly handle this aspect of the project, too. We will design sketches according to your specs, incorporate photos you already have, or copy a presentation you want to upgrade on campus.

perforated window graphics in los angeles

Perforated vinyl has the advantage of letting natural light enter the space. It also allows those on the inside to see out, which is an excellent security plus. In addition, it makes the room feel bigger. That said, you might also opt for opaque vinyl, which is what we like to use for vinyl window wraps when clients do not need the glass panels, or they are obstructed with shelves and other structures.

Another option is the design of stand-alone window graphics. These do not take up the full height and width of the windows. Instead, they may replicate the school’s mascot, school spirit quotes, or simply be a combination of colorful geometric shapes. We can treat all the window panes or just some.

Could Your Building Benefit from Adding Perforated Window Graphics for Schools in Los Angeles?

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Does your campus need some quick, inexpensive upgrades? Window graphics are excellent for putting the finishing touches on an overhaul or construction project. Moreover, they can dress up a façade that needs splashes of color. Best of all, you might also opt for window graphics that support other beautification projects you had already done. Examples might include wall graphics, banner flags, and parking lot post banners.

Contact Superior Signs and Graphics today to learn more about your options, and have us put together some sketches!

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