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Partial Vehicle Wrap for Commercial Truck in Fullerton, CA Gives Professional Look!

 Oct 26, 2021

When locals need junk removal or a hot tub hauled away, they call Fresh & Clean. Located at 1303 West Valencia Drive, the company works around the clock, seven days a week. When this locally and family-owned business added a vehicle to its fleet, the management team contacted our sign shop to put together a partial vehicle wrap for a commercial truck in Fullerton, CA.

Designing, Printing, and Installing a Partial Wrap

Partial vehicle wrap for a commercial truck in Fullerton CA

Small business owners like working with our team because we find ways to save money. At the same time, we can make their signage look like a million bucks. The partial truck wrap we did for Fresh & Clean is an excellent example.

commercial truck graphics in fullerton, ca

  • Gradient color change. Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money, you can only achieve a gradient color change with a vehicle wrap. On this company vehicle, you will notice that the black at the bottom begins to change slightly past the contact information on the door. By the time the wrap reaches the tailgate, it is a light gray. A gradient color change is an elegant and professional bit of eye candy that tells everyone you spent money on a wrap.
  • Brand focus. To spotlight the brand message, our graphic artist focused the attention on the black and yellow color palette. Moreover, the logo display is an integral portion of the wrap as customers see it out on the street.
  • Menu of services. A menu of services rounds out the display. It gives a brief listing of the types of clean-outs and hauling services the business offers. They are ideal for getting the consumer thinking about the services the firm could provide for them.

As you will notice, the partial wrap covers slivers of the front that are gradually increasing in size to create the truck’s bed appearance. Our technicians integrated the truck’s base color for an excellent gradient color change and standard paint combination.

What Makes an Excellent Professional Vehicle Wrap?

pickup truck wraps in fullerton, ca

The most important aspect of professionalism is integrating the logo, corporate persona, and color palette. When you have these three things in play, you know that the would-be customer gets the information they need to make contact. Concurrently, you contribute to brand awareness, which means that they learn to connect your services or products with your company’s name.

The other item is the menu of services. Although optional, it is a fantastic way of creating a need in the mind of the customer. Your company is then perfectly placed to meet the demand. Many contractors like the idea of adding a menu of services and similar lists that easily differentiate them from the competition.

Buy a Partial Vehicle Wrap for a Commercial Truck in Fullerton, CA

fullerton, ca truck wraps and graphics

Whether you are just starting in business or are already actively working on expanding your territory, a vehicle wrap is an excellent tool to get you seen and noticed. Work with our graphic artist to design a product that accomplishes all these tasks – and more! Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

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