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Partial Vehicle Wrap Brands Anaheim Retailer’s Commercial Truck with Eye-Catching Vinyl Graphics!

 Nov 26, 2018

Partial Truck Wraps Anaheim CA

Located at 1235 South State College Boulevard, Bedrosians Tile & Stone is renowned for its broad selection of trending, contemporary, and old-world styles. When the vendor added a new truck to its fleet, a printing company representative contacted us to order a partial vehicle wrap in Anaheim, CA.

Working with a Printer to Handle the Vehicle Wrap

Bedrosians is a customer of the printing company. This business does not handle signage. Therefore, its representative asked for our assistance with this project. We worked with the printer to select the best possible vinyl for longevity. Our technicians chose 3M cast vinyl for the graphics. It is ideally suited for the project.

Partial Commercial Truck Wraps Anaheim CA

Put a menu list of your products and services on your vehicle!

The graphics are die-cut and designed to integrate well with the factory’s white paint job. Choosing this design is advantageous for the client. For starters, it limits coverage areas even though it exemplifies the use of available spaces. As a result, it is budget-friendly at only about half the cost that a full wrap would entail.

Our team prepared the vehicle for the graphics and handled the installation. We were able to do so in one day. The client was happy to receive the truck back after just a few hours.

Style Elements Set Contractor Vehicle Wraps Apart from the Competition

Take a close look at the truck wrap that we put together for this vehicle. The backdrop features subliminal images, which is an excellent method of repeating the name and logo of a company. The tailgate highlights the company’s broad range of products.

Partial Pickup Truck Graphics Anaheim CA

Partial truck wraps add color to all sides!

The sides focus on the color play while door graphics identify the name of the business as well as the website address. We repeated the subliminal images on the hood of the truck. This setup ties the look of the overall product together.

What Should Your Wrap Say?

Take a page from the playbook of Bedrosians Tile & Stone, and emphasize what your business is all about.

  • Menu. Showcase the different products or services you offer. Detail what is in stock. Highlight if you can fill special orders quickly.
  • Target audience. Address the right demographic. If you work primarily in a business-to-business environment or have a consumer focus, say so.
  • Show benefits. What sets your company apart from others? Maybe you offer free estimates or around-the-clock emergency availability. Let consumers know what you are all about.

These setups are brand differentiation tools. It is vital that consumers recognize your branding. It helps them choose you when it comes time to make a selection. Most importantly, it assists the customer with seeing how you are different from others in the business.

Designing a Partial Vehicle Wrap in Anaheim CA

Partial Vehicle Wraps Anaheim CA

Put your brand on your truck with vinyl graphics!

Our graphic artist can work directly with your business to put together a product from the ground up. If you are already working with a printer or advertising agency, we can collaborate with them, too. The goal is the design, manufacture, and installation of a wrap product that is built to last. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

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