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Partial Truck Wraps Help Commercial Vehicles Advertise for Your Business in Buena Park, CA!

 Mar 04, 2024

MDC invited our team to come back and do new partial truck wraps in Buena Park, CA. Previously, our team had done decals and lettering for commercial trucks, fleet graphics, and an earlier set of partial wraps. For this project, the client wanted to upgrade the graphics packages on two Nissans.

commercial truck partial wraps in buena park, ca

Adapting an Existing Graphics Design for a New Vehicle Model

The vehicles we were to wrap were Nissans. We had previously done different custom ruck wrap designs for these vehicles. However, the client asked us to use the same commercial truck wraps we did for the company’s Ford. Could we do it? No problem!

Our graphic artist has access to size templates for a broad range of vehicles. Therefore, they could take the design customized for the Ford truck and adapt it to fit on Nissan vehicles. The most significant differences were the proportion adjustments. Once we had the design adjustments, our technicians went to work and printed the graphics.

commercial truck wraps in wraps in buena park, ca

Finally, we installed them. The graphics products look great, perfectly brand the company, and suit the trucks’ makes and models.

Your Guide to Advertising with Vinyl Truck Wraps

How can you take advantage of vehicle wraps to promote a brand and reach a wider audience?

  • A memorable wrap design. Your promotion’s success largely depends on displaying a visually appealing and unique design that reflects the brand identity. Besides being eye candy, it has to be easy to read and effectively communicate the message.
  • Size and placement. Even the most attractive graphics fall show if they are not placed advantageously. This is why our graphic artist pays close attention to the size and placement of the vinyl truck wraps. The goal is to make the design visible from different angles and distances, maximizing its impact.
  • Key information. Your company’s name, logo, contact information, and a clear call-to-action are prominently featured on the wrap. The design is set up to make it easy for potential customers to contact you. Check out the work we did for this client, and you can see how we emphasize the corporate identity.

partial wraps for commercial trucks in buena park, ca

Now that you have the partial truck wraps in Buena Park, CA, or any other location in the OC or nearby L.A. County set up, target your audience. Drive the vehicle in areas where your customers live, work, and play. Obviously, the more vehicles you have treated with graphics, the more visible your brand becomes. Our team specializes in fleet graphics as well as single-truck designs. 

Work with our graphic artist to design a commercial truck wrap design that is ideal for your company. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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