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Orange County Sign Company Creates Dimensional Logo, Wall Menu and Wall Graphics for Italian Coffee Bar!

 Mar 13, 2017

Lavazza is a famous name among coffee aficionados. The company succeeds in blending its traditional Italian roots with avant-garde New York style and chic. With storefront hospitality venues across the nation, it was only a matter of time before it would be tapped for the Indian Wells hospitality expansion. At that point, the management team contacted us for assistance with the design, manufacture, and installation of wall menus, logo wall signs, and graphics for restaurants in Orange County, CA.

Can You Translate Chic with Signage? Yes!

Restaurant Signs and Graphics Orange County CA

Brand your coffee shop or cafe!

Three-dimensional logo sign. We put together this product for the front of the counter. It is a scaled down version of the lettering we feature right above it on the fascia.

Custom Restaurant Menu Boards Orange County CA

Add a backlit restaurant menu board!

Backlit menu graphic. There was a backlit cabinet sign already in place. Our visual artists designed a 16-foot-wide menu graphic that fits it perfectly.

Wall Graphics for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Add wall graphics and decals!

Wall decal and graphics. To heighten the ambiance of the location, we fabricated and installed wall graphics on the backsplash area, giving a nod to the site of the venue –  this evolved into a 25-foot-wide tennis court mural.

3D Logo Wall Signs for Restaurants in Orange County CA

3D Logo wall signs stand out!

When you take in the overall appearance of this storefront now, it is perfectly in line with the company’s contemporary chic, avant-garde direction, and adherence to classic coffee recipes.

Creating Hospitality Ambiance with Wall Graphics

Putting shoppers in the mood to do business with your company is never an easy feat. Inspiring them to grab a drink at your location, particularly if there is plenty of competition around, or sticking around for dinner requires an atmosphere that is welcoming and appeals to your targeted demographic.

Of course, there is only so much you can achieve with paint. Restaurants specializing in Mexican food have had excellent success with painting their walls in bold colors that imbue the setting with a little of that vibrancy from cross the border. But what do you do after that? In the past, management teams would use wall art, collector’s items, and decorative touches to dress up a venue.

With the ready availability of wall graphics, decals, and murals, you no longer have to look to dust catchers. Relying on graphics for wall décor also eliminates the problems associated with decorative items that stick out. They tend to get bumped, dropped, or otherwise disturbed. This process sends clouds of dust in the air and leads to chips and stains. Wall murals and graphics, on the other hand, are easy to clean and always look great. If one should get damaged or accidentally rip, our technicians just reprint a panel and install it, which keeps your ambiance intact at all times.

Discuss Your Restaurant Signage Needs with the Experts

Whether you need logo wall signs, graphics, or restaurant wall menus in Orange County, CA, our visual artists gladly assist you with putting together the right look. They can help you with lit or unlit signage, 3D products, or flush-mounted markers.

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