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Fleet Graphics Programs That Save Money for Companies in Orange County!

 Jan 10, 2019

Fleet Graphics Programs Orange County CA

Frequent visitors to our blog are familiar with C&L Refrigeration. In the past, we assisted the company with truck lettering. Most importantly, Superior Signs and Graphics provides fleet graphics management for the company’s growing number of trucks and vans. Not surprisingly, when the firm added another 10 Ford Transit vans, the management team contacted us to order more fleet graphics in Orange County, CA.

Expanding a Fleet Graphics Programs

Fleet Graphics Management Programs Orange County CA

Superior Signs has experience in fleet graphics management!

An integral part of our fleet management service is the flexibility of the installation. We travel to where the vans are. In this case, they were at the service department where technicians worked on installing shelving and other interior components. Our team went to work and added the decals and lettering right then and there.

Because C&L Refrigeration is an established client, we had the specs for this job on file. Therefore, we were able to create the right set of style elements, generate spacing maps, and ensure a perfect color match that makes the new vans indistinguishable from those we treated last time. We met our goal of treating all ten vans in one day, which ensures that there would be no downtime for the client.

A Growing Fleet with Vehicle Treatments Means More Exposure for Your Company

Fleet Graphics Programs Fullerton CA

All 10 of their new Ford Transit vans align with their fleet!

As the contractor adds to its growing fleet of vehicles, there are more opportunities for exposure. Each time an employee takes a van out to buy supplies, get lunch, or visit a customer, consumers on the street notice the brand message. C&L Refrigeration keeps it simple with a unique red paint job that you do not see that often.

Therefore, they can keep decals and lettering to a minimum. The style elements identify the company’s name, logo, contact details, and niche information. There are also some numerals for the fleet supervisor who sends out the vans and trucks. Other clients have had excellent success with the display of full or partial wraps. These graphics products take the place of a paint job and often communicate an advertising message.

Niche graphics and the depiction of happy consumers using the service or product are ideal. Other ideas include the display of taglines and similar brand details. Most importantly, consider how your company differentiates itself from the closest competitor. We can help you put this in words or images so that you can tell the consumer why doing business with you is the right decision.

Do You Need Help with Managing Graphics for Your Fleet Vehicles?

Fleet Graphics Programs Anaheim CA

Ready to take your fleet to the next level? Come to the experts!

Our sign shop can take over your fleet graphics programs in Orange County. By entrusting all your decal and lettering needs to one team, you ensure that the quality of the product will be the same across all vehicle styles. Most importantly, you save time and money since you do not have to schedule a client consultation each time you add another car, truck, or van.

We have your specs on file and can adjust sizing with an eye on the make and model of the vehicles you add. Learn more about the savings associated with our fleet program by contacting us today.

Ready to take your fleet to the next level? Come to the experts!

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