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New Translucent Pylon Sign Faces Brand Amazon Facility in Anaheim, CA!

 Feb 09, 2023

The latest Amazon project we took on for the delivery facility involved giant pylon sign panels. The pylon sign before the change advertised the facility on behalf of the landlord, Goodman. However, our client wanted to put Amazon’s brand message on the structure, and we assisted with translucent pylon sign panel refacing in Anaheim, CA.

giant pylon sign panels in anaheim, ca

Custom-Designed Pylon Sign Graphics Rebrand for Amazon

The pylon sign is highly visible and an excellent advertising tool. The landlord had used it to get Amazon’s attention to rent the logistics space. Now, it was time to rebrand the sign. The project started with the redesign. The client requested that we include the corporate logo, add the property use, and include the address. 

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