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New Translucent Graphic Faces for Lighted Monument Sign Bring Customers Into Placentia Restaurant!

 Nov 26, 2019

Located at 510 West Chapman Avenue, Fantasy Burger is home to some fantastic chicken teriyaki as well as yummy burgers. But the eatery had a problem: The monument sign was showing its age. Could we help this business and save them money? Yes! We did so with new translucent graphic faces for monument signs in Placentia CA.

Refurbished Monument Sign Looks Great and Saves Money

Translucent Graphic Faces for Monument Signs in Placentia CA

Our technicians visited with the management team for a site survey. We determined that the sign itself was in excellent condition. Only the facings needed attention. Therefore, we designed an updated look for Fantasy Burger.

Next, we printed translucent graphics on plexiglass panels. We then installed the boards in the monument sign’s frame. Now, visitors to the location are greeted by the red and yellow brand colors of the company. Besides that, the sign spells out the different meals the place serves. The sign looks great and is now highly visible from the street.

Harnessing the Power of a Monument Sign

Monument Sign Cabinet Refacing in Placentia CA

Your monument or pylon sign addresses the consumer who is still farther down the street. Close to the edge of your property, the marker encourages the impulse stop. When you place it near the entrance of your parking lot, you make it easy. Besides that, the sign communicates your brand message.

However, to harness the power of this sign, it has to be in excellent shape. If the light behind the fronts does not turn on any longer, you are missing out. The same is true when the surfaces are peeling, faded, or featuring an outdated brand message. As a result, business owners pay a lot of attention to the effectiveness of these signs.

Refurbishing Signs Saves Money

Refurbished Sign Faces for Monument Signs in Placentia CA

In the past, most business owners would replace outdated signage. It made room for contemporary-looking products. But doing so is frequently unnecessary. When your lightbox cabinet or lit monument sign is still in good shape, we typically only need to make minor repairs and replace the facings. New translucent graphic faces for monument signs in Placentia CA is one of our specialties!

  • Structural repairs. Occasionally, a cabinet or monument needs a couple of minor repairs. They are not sufficient to justify the replacement of the signage. Besides that, they are quick to do and do not affect the integrity of the framework.
  • Paint. A new coat of paint freshens the look of even the most worn sign. It gives the product a modern look that is not lost on the consumer.
  • New facings. Acrylic, plexiglass, and polycarbonate weather – albeit slowly. The same is true for the vinyl overlays that feature your corporate information. Eventually, these surfaces need to be replaced. Doing so is far less expensive than putting up an entirely new sign. Therefore, you can have your monument or box cabinet looking its best at a fraction of the price.

Ordering Translucent Graphic Faces for Monument Signs in Placentia CA

Take a look at your monument sign right now. What does it look like? If you see faded lettering and peeling colors, it is time to make the call. Our team welcomes the opportunity to visit you for a site survey!

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