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Monument Sign Refurbishing & Repair

 Jul 07, 2015

The signage professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics built a reputation for being the authority in monument sign refurbishing for Orange County venues. Case in point is Founders Plaza. We did a channel letter sign for Brea Dental, one of the tenants in this center. This client referred us to the property management company, which was looking to refurbish the faded tenant panels on the illuminated monument sign on the property. Founders Plaza offers a unique mix of businesses such as the Liberty Board Shop and the Brea Dance Center.

Monument Sign Refurbishing Orange County

Founders Plaza sign before the refurbish

Refurbish your monument sign in Orange County

Now Founders Plaza has a fresh, new look!

At the Restaurant Business Center, we redesigned the panels and chose complementary earth tones to create a harmonizing visual effect. Adding a palm tree to the background but lowering the opacity of the photo resulted in a visually stunning display. Choosing new acrylic panels, adding translucent vinyl and installing new light bulbs made the marker look like new.

The Abbot Enterprises Business Center underwent a similar treatment. For the Warrior Custom Golf outlet, we replaced a weathered routed marker with a sleek acrylic facing that looks lustrous, modern and easy to spot. Since this type of signage product is instrumental in providing wayfinding for motorists, it is crucial that faded facings are replaced as quickly as possible.

New facing for monument signs in Orange County

When it was time for a new tenant…

Monument sign refacing Orange County

…We fabricated and installed new facing!

If you are thinking of commissioning monument sign repairs in Orange County, call us first. The advantages of doing so cannot be stressed enough.

  • Modern look. Frequently, the signage products we refurbish were designed and manufactured with another generation of consumers in mind. As a result, these signs now make the venues they advertise look dated. No matter how avant-garde your business really is, when your sign does not reflect this attitude, you lose customers.
  • Easy visibility. A side effect of fading is the loss of legibility. Color peels off, weathering destroys crisp lettering and cracked vinyl obscures phone numbers. Easy visibility allows consumers to connect with your company after one glance.
  • Clear branding message. Your sign stands for your business. It is its calling card. Present consumers with a clear branding message that incorporates signage materials, colors and material selections. When your sign no longer meets these requirements, it is time to fix it.

There are times when a sign is not a good candidate for refurbishing. Although rare, this is the case when the structural integrity of the marker itself is in question. While we can fix plenty of dents and loosening components, a sign that has rusted-through poles or wooden parts that termites have devoured are not always suitable for refurbishing. If it costs more to fix the sign than to replace it, opting for a new product makes sense. When you invite our technicians to your location for a site evaluation, we can help you crunch the numbers.

Monument sign repair Orange County

This monument sign face was old and worn

Monument sign repair and maintenance Orange County

Refacing the sign was done in a snap!

We give you an honest evaluation of your sign’s status. We provide you with an estimate of the refurbishing costs that include materials and labor. We also provide you with an estimate of a complete sign replacement. Having the facts makes it easier for you to decide on what you want to do with the sign. Whether you choose a refurbishing or a replacement, we are here to serve you.

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