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Comforting Lobby Sign for Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center!

 Feb 10, 2015

The Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center works directly with families who are experiencing crisis situations. The goal is to end a generational cycle of child abuse, which plagues countless families. Located at 2390 East Orangewood Avenue in Anaheim, the Center was moving offices and needed new lobby signage. This is when Superior Signs and Graphics got an opportunity to assist this non-profit organization.

Comforting Lobby Sign Matches this Nonprofit’s Mission

Lobby Signs for Nonprofits in Orange County

This lobby sign is comforting and displays their mission!

We worked with the Center’s management team and learned that they liked the marker they had at their prior location. Replicating it required the use of quarter-inch-thick painted PVC. We did a custom color match that features seven different hues. The resulting marker is colorful and looks great against the backdrop of the gray wall. It establishes the Center’s goal and mission.

Most Popular Materials for Reception Area Signs

If you are in need of lobby signs for nonprofits in Orange County, we can help.

  • PVC. The PVC lobby signs Orange County’s Child Abuse Prevention Center selected are attractive, colorful and effectively communicate the name and mission of the group. This is the kind of marker that is budget friendly, lightweight and easy to mount directly to the wall.
  • Acrylics. When you like the idea of creating a chic and classy work of art that doubles as a marker, acrylics are a good option. Paintable in your choice of color or available in a wide variety of standard hues, the material may be shiny or matte – depending on your taste.
  • Foam. When you want to make an impression of a quite substantial nature, consider the use of foam. It, too, is budget-friendly. In addition, the depth of the material lets you create a lobby marker that presents with light and shadows. When lit with a spotlight from below or from the side, the effect can be quite dramatic. Painting it in your choice of color has the potential to heighten the effect.
  • Metal. For organizations that appreciate the timeless look and quality of metal, aluminum, brass or stainless steel are good options.
Custom lobby signs for Orange County

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Ready to Make Your Lobby Shine?

Of course, there are combination options as well. For example, when you combine foam with metal or acrylic laminates, you get the look of your favorite material with the dramatic presentation of foam. Paint helps to cleverly integrate the appearance of the laminate with the foam. Another option is the creation of acrylic panels that feature several layers of paneling and lettering. This results in an artistic look that turns your lobby sign into a piece of art. When placed on the focal wall of your foyer, it markets and brands your non-profit organization.

Getting started on your office signage order is simple. Talk to our lobby sign experts for more information on the materials that are available. We also gladly walk you through the design process. Whether you have a sign that you would like us to replicate, refurbish or create from scratch, we can help. We work with your budgetary constraints and help you to select the right material that suits your niche and looks great at your location. Finally, we manufacture and professionally install the sign.

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