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Yorba Linda Feed Store Brands With New Lightbox Cabinet Signs

 Jan 11, 2015

Located at 3782 Rose Drive, the Yorba Linda Feed Store meets the needs of your animals. Whether you are in need of whole kennels, dry dog food, horse foods or humane traps, the friendly folks at the store have it in stock and get you set up. Frequently scheduled vet care clinics bring in mobile veterinarians to serve canines and felines of all ages. The company has been in business since 1973 and continues its mission to serve Orange County customers – and those from surrounding counties.

Lighting Up with Cabinet Signs!

Lightbox cabinet signs Orange County

A big improvement from their old wooden sign!

When it came time to add a sign, the company contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. We went out for a site survey and noticed that this corrugated steel building was missing a sign that would face the busy Rose Drive. Although there was an attractive vintage wooden cart that displayed the company’s name and address, it was too small to be noticed right away. On the building’s side, a deteriorating wooden sign identified the Yorba Lind Feed Store by name. After a consultation with the management team, we were asked to design signs that were as big as the city would allow. After a bit of research, we learned that this would be 40 square feet per side.

Just from taking in the attractive look of the building, it was clear that this was an ideal candidate for our famous Orange County cabinet signs. Manufacturing two markers, we sized them to be four feet by ten feet. The cabinets are made of aluminum for durability. The interior is lit up with LEDs, The front is a digitally imprinted translucent face. In addition to branding this store and making wayfinding a snap, these markers have the added advantage of being super energy efficient. The UL-certified electrical construction ensures that everything is made to code and therefore safe.

Illuminated cabinet signs Orange County

Installing the new cabinet sign. (Notice the old wooden shopping cart sign below)

Choosing the Right Illuminated Sign

The color selections and images make these the types of light box cabinet signs Orange County consumers would associate with a feed and pet supplies store. Does this example of a far-reaching signage upgrade make you think about your markers? They were new and fresh a few short decades ago, but by now they are old, tired and perhaps also falling a bit into disrepair. In addition, if you are still relying on the old fluorescent bulbs, you are probably also spending more money on lighting than you really need to.

Would you like to have a cabinet marker that displays your business’ name, logo and perhaps also niche information? Would you like to also include a tag line, motto or business affiliation? Perhaps you like the idea of having the marker shaped to represent the look of your logo? Maybe you just want a cabinet that will accommodate LEDs to get away from the more expensive fluorescent bulbs? There are plenty of good reasons to revamp your existing signage or go with a cabinet marker to begin with.

Exterior building signs Orange County

With two cabinet signs, this feed store increased their visibility!


Talk to our expert professionals who have plenty of experience with these types of markers and their best mounting locales. We are happy to sit down with you, maybe take some measurements, discuss shapes and colors, and also do the research to ensure that your signage solution meets all of the requirements set forth by your city.

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