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Indoor Signs, Building Signs, and Directional Signs for Newport Beach Business Add a Touch of Class!

 Feb 27, 2018

Indoor Signs, Building Signs and Directional Signs | Newport Beach CA

Earlier this week, we talked about state-of-the-art building signs for Allied Public Adjusters. The company was relocating and needed to make its presence known at the new venue. Lit building signage was the ideal way to go. We continued working with this client to finish the project with indoor signs, building signs, and directional signs in Orange County.

Interior Signage Complements the Brand Communication the Building Signs Begin

Brushed Aluminum 3D Letter Lobby Signs | Newport Beach CA

Brushed aluminum lobby sign!

After putting the building sign in place, we worked with the management team on creating an impressive interior signage suite. Of primary importance was the lobby sign. We created an acrylic reception area sign with brushed metal faces and silversides. As we did with the exterior sign, we painted the “y” in the yellow logo color that helps customers to identify the business.

Custom Indoor Directory Signs | Newport Beach CA

Custom directory signs!

Custom building signs | Newport Beach CA

Building Directory Sign!

Two brushed metal wall placards with raised lettering function as directional signage. They help customers locate the top floor offices for Allied Public Adjusters. It is interesting to note that the client capitalizes on the color tone differences between the walls and the metal. The lobby sign lettering displays against a charcoal gray wall. There, the brushed metal is lighter. The same is true for an exterior directional wall sign. The interior wayfinding sign features a darker metal against a lighter gray wall.

Additional Signs Many Companies Need

Indoor Door and Suite Signs | Newport Beach CA

Custom door and suite signs!

Each business’ signage needs differ. Most everyone benefits from lobby signs and wayfinding products. But there are other markers that may be ideally suited for your company.

  • Wall wraps. Vinyl wall wraps beautify a space. They also let you introduce your corporate colors outside from specific signage solutions. Doing so makes it possible for your customers to immerse themselves in your brand identity. That said, wraps also have the power of advertising services or products.
  • Hanging signs. The ceiling is one of the most overlooked mounting spaces for signs. For directional products, it is ideal. When there is a lot of foot traffic inside your location, the ceiling mount is perfect. The same is true for offices or retail settings with little wall space. We can use a variety of materials to put together hanging signage.
  • ADA compliant signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies the types of compliant labeling and wayfinding signs you need in your facility. There are some differences, depending on your setup. We can help you determine what kinds of signs you need, where they need to be mounted, and how to incorporate your brand colors into the mix so that the markers still meet the letter of the law.

Does Your Company Need Indoor Signs, Building Signs, and Directional Signs in Orange County?

Building Signs | Newport Beach CA

Matching signs, branding at its best!

Is your store or office relocating soon? You need signs that allow for a seamless transition. Introduce your business to a new consumer base, and welcome back an established clientele. Maybe you have been at your location for a while, but you are wondering if you are doing enough for wayfinding and branding. We can help. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a site survey. We offer suggestions, make recommendations, and help your signage be ideally suited for your targeted demographic.

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