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Coming Soon Signs for New Building Developments in Los Angeles!

 Oct 09, 2018

Building Development Coming Soon Signs Los Angeles

Attracting new tenants to a development ensures the profitability of the venue long before it is even built. “Coming Soon” signs for new building developments in Los Angeles are crucial marketing tools that more and more management companies rely on. Case in point is the signage that Regency Centers commissioned.

Inviting the Attention of Prospective Tenants with “Coming Soon” Signage

Located at 915 Wilshire Boulevard, Regency Centers Corporation owns, operates, and develops premier shopping centers in Southern California. Case in point is the property in Culver City. It consists of two lots that face each other with a street between them. The client asked us to put together creative “Coming Soon” signs.

We began with a post and panel design that features the leasing agent as well as the developer’s names and logo presentations. This form of co-branding strengthens the message of the sign and boosts interest in the property. We featured an artist’s rendering of the building to encourage prospective tenants to contact the leasing company. Now, each side of the venue presents with its unique signage display.

Inform Consumers That Something New is Happening

Coming Soon Signs for Building Developments Los Angeles CA

Let the community know what’s “coming soon!”

Building developers are just some of the clients who capitalize on the interest that “Coming Soon” signs generate. There are plenty of other applications, too.

  • Grand openings. Advertise the grand opening of your retail establishment by hanging up a sign that alerts prospective shoppers to the company, which is moving in. The idea of someone opening a new venue soon creates a buzz that excites people. Some business clients have had excellent success with a count-down sign that changes every day or week.
  • Product additions. Are your customers waiting for a hot new product to hit your shelves? Get people talking about it by hanging up signs inside as well as outside. Vinyl banners, window graphics, and A-frame inserts are good options for this form of “coming soon” notice.
  • Incoming professionals. Are you adding a new insurance agent, eye doctor, or attorney to your service business? Let your clients know ahead of time. Frequently, this expert will bring established clients to your venue as well. By featuring a sign that announces the expected arrival of the professional, you help these clients find your office with ease.

Choosing the Best Display Option

Building Development Coming Soon Signs Orange County CA

Offer valuable leasing contact information!

The post and panel sign is ideally suited for building developments. It is large and stands out on the land where the building will go. As construction begins, it is tall and attracts attention. Vinyl banners work well for businesses in existing buildings. Vinyl mesh banners are good choices for construction sites with fencing around them.

Some business clients ask us to make seasonal “Coming Soon” window stickers and A-frame inserts. This approach is an excellent addition to the already existing advertising signage they choose. Most importantly, it shakes up the display of brand messages that the companies display at their locations.

If you are in the market for “Coming Soon” signs for new building developments in Los Angeles County and neighboring Orange County, we can help. Contact our sign shop today to get started on the project.

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