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Huge Timeline Wall Mural and Giant Safety Banners for Fontana Distribution Center!

 Aug 08, 2018

Warehouse timeline wall murals Fontana CA

QCD is another established client that we have done work for in the past. Good examples are the custom murals featuring cityscapes, custom-designed giant warehouse wall art, and etched vinyl window graphics. When the business contacted us this time, a representative commissioned a timeline wall mural and safety banners.

Fontana Warehouse Impresses with Huge Graphics

The first project we tackled was a pole banner design. We hung four banners that are 20 feet tall and four feet wide. They display a welcome, LEED certification, or safety message. Installed on ceiling-mounted horizontal beams with steel cables, these banners are bright, catch the eye, and break up the monotony of sizable wall spaces. We used an articulating lift to hook up the banners above the pallet jack and forklift charging station.

Warehouse Hanging Banners Fontana CA

Safety banners guide employees and impress visitors!

The second product we put together is a warehouse wall mural. It measures 15 feet in height and 48 feet in width. This wall graphic displays the company’s history that includes the start of QCD’s parent company, Golden State Foods. It also includes the building of the Fontana facility. The phrase, “built on a handshake and a promise” ties together the brand message of the design.

Combined, the safety banners and mural transform the location from a generic warehouse setting to a unique QCD property.

More and More Warehouse and Super Stores Invest in Wall Graphics and Murals

Warehouse wall murals and safety banners Fontana CA

Make use of bland warehouse walls!

Large wall areas have always been a problem for facilities. They are too large for standard artwork and decorative touches. For this reason, many of these walls are therefore left blank. However, many more businesses now take the opposite approach.

Recognizing that these surfaces are premier marketing and branding opportunities, companies in the know now capitalize on the space. It enables them to present their messages to visiting clients, distributors, partners, and prospective newcomers to the brand. Moreover, the fact that a company might put its timeline front and center underscores the firm’s longevity in its niche.

Ordering Wall Murals and Safety Banners for Distribution Centers

Large Warehouse Wall Murals Fontana CA

Huge wall murals a hit for any warehouse setting!

Our sign shop routinely works with management teams who need signage that encapsulates their brand details. Murals and safety banners are an excellent setup for warehouses and factory settings. Of course, there are other options, too.

  • Window graphics. For warehouse spaces with large windows, consider wrapping the glass with perforated vinyl. It allows the sunlight to come in even while communicating with those on the outside.
  • Floor graphics. Concrete, wood, and even carpeting are suitable surfaces for the installation of floor graphics. We laminate them to boost durability in spite of heavy foot traffic.
  • Ceiling-mounted banners. You know these signs from the trade show circuit. They hang right above the booth setup and direct casual visitors to hone in on a particular firm. In the warehouse setting, they take advantage of a space that is far too often overlooked.

When you are ready to find out how you could make excellent brand message use of your available surfaces, our team of signage experts can help. Contact us today to learn more about your options!

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