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Compton Warehousing Company Brands Offices with Wall Lettering!

 Aug 06, 2018

Office Wall Lettering Compton CA

Flexport is an established client of Superior Signs & Graphics. In the past, we have assisted the warehouse and distribution center business with relocation signage during various moves. At this point, we are finishing the interior of the new Compton location, which allows the firm to brand offices with wall lettering.

Dimensional Letters and Vinyl Wall Lettering Impress with a Sleek Appearance

Custom Office Wall Lettering in Compton CA

Office wall lettering stands out and brands

After conferring with our client, we designed dimensional letters for the warehouse space. The black color stands out well from the creamy white wall. For the upstairs offices, we put together two sets of white vinyl letters.

We mounted one on a black wall and one on a red one. The color stands out in both settings. More importantly, it creates a strong brand presence for Flexport. Moreover, it turns the areas into focal walls. When clients now visit the location, they immediately notice the lettering. It performs as well as any lobby sign might.

How Wall Lettering Presents a Chic Branding Opportunity

3D Lettering for Conference Rooms Compton CA

Brand with 3D Lettering in your conference room!

Feature a company’s name to create a significant boost to your brand’s overall presence in any setting. Three-dimensional letters stand out. Choose acrylic or metal. We can make the appearance pop with up to an inch in depth. For something more dramatic, there is the option of using sign foam. With this material, we can reach up to three inches in depth.

Of course, vinyl wall letters are another great choice. They impress because of their color presentations. Our clients frequently select them because of their matte or glossy finishes. This feature allows them to fit in with any interior décor setup. By the way, you are not limited to solid colors. Sure, you could take a page from the playbook of Flexport and go with a bright white.

However, some business owners have had excellent success with imprinting their wall letters with messages. Some select words. Others opt for different colors or geometric shapes. In this way, they can emphasize brand colors as well as logo shapes.

Brand Offices with Wall Lettering and Related Signage

3D Lettering for the Lobby in Compton CA

3D Lettering enhances the look of your lobby!

Wall lettering, whether dimensional or vinyl, is a primary asset for branding. That said, you do not let it do all the heavy lifting on its own. Combine it with other signage solutions for a one-two punch inside your warehouse!

  • Lobby sign. The lobby sign greets the client who walks through the door. For many companies, it is the first physical representation of a brand message. Our sign shop specializes in a broad range of designs.
  • Wall art. Choose from printed images or imprinted metal as well as acrylic. There is a wall art display for any atmosphere and setting. Formal, informal, avant-garde, or something else altogether, we can help you design the right look.
  • Window graphics. These graphics can take the form of numerals, letters, and images. Many business owners capitalize on their windows as marketing surfaces. They support building signage and expand on the sales messages they feature outside.

In fact, contact our sign shop today to learn more. We serve the business communities in and around Los Angeles and Orange County.

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