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Retail Store Banners and Signs For the Holidays

 Oct 05, 2014

What are the must-have retail store signs for the holidays? Orange County merchants are now beginning to evaluate their signage inventories for missing markers. Since you do not want to be left behind when the competition hangs its banners and other holiday signage, now is the time to take stock and put in your orders for the upcoming holiday season.

Banners Are a Big Deal

They are a big deal because they almost always announce big deals. Consumers expect to find money-saving offers and special deals inside the store that advertises with banners. When you put up these markers during the holiday season, you generate even more interest since this is the time that even habitual online shoppers like to head out to the stores. Vinyl banners are probably your best choice. They withstand all types of weather conditions and come in a variety of colors. When you want to re-use the banner for other seasonal sales, you can keep the holiday imagery to a minimum and choose a heavier fabric to replace the vinyl.

Holiday banners Orange County

Holiday banners invite, welcome and sell!

Posters Create the right Mood on the Inside

Usually, it is the weather that puts holiday shoppers in the mood to make gift-giving lists. But in Orange County, warm and sunny is usually the norm. To this end, retailers must work even harder to set a festive tone inside their stores. Posters are an ideal solution. They are quick to make, durable and sufficiently inexpensive to add quite a few to the store. When the weather refuses to provide snow, icicles and breezy winds, the posters can add the needed imagery.

Window Decals and Perfs Pick Up Where Posters Leave Off

Some forward-thinking retailers have begun adding seasonal window perfs to the inside as well as to the of the store’s window panes. While it is hard to create a winter wonderland with bright sunshine and balmy temperatures on the outside, obstructing this view helps set an atmosphere inside that can be decidedly different. With the right decorations in place, you can create the illusion of a seasonal weather pattern that will get even the most reluctant shoppers to join in.

Holiday posters Orange County

Advertise holiday sales in your windows!

When a window perf is not what you had in mind, there are the window decals. Die-cut and precise, they look great and come in a wide variety of sizes. Use them to advertise your most coveted products or highlight the deep discounts and special deals that you are going to be offering to shoppers. By the way, this is also a good time to let shoppers know that your store offers gift certificates, which is a great way to bring in foot traffic – particularly if your store is not usually associated with these types of promotions.

If all of this sounds like it might be a bit confusing, do not worry! Talk to the friendly experts at Superior Signs and Graphics about the various holiday retail store signs for Orange County establishments in your niche. We can get you set up and ready for the marketing and branding before some of your competitors even get ready for the season. Go ahead, get an edge this year!

Holiday retail store sale signs Orange County

Don’t forget your holiday retail store signs!

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