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Golden Greek Fresh Adds Box Truck Wraps in Orange County!

 Apr 07, 2015
Delivery Vehicle box truck wraps Orange County

Box truck wraps a great investment for delivery vehicles

Located at 915 East 10th Street in Los Angeles, Golden Greek Fresh has been in business since 1977. Via its Los Angeles warehouse, it delivers fresh produce and other groceries to restaurants, hotels and non-profit organizations. To get the fresh veggies moving, the company relies on a fleet of vehicles. Yet driving around in a bland white box truck is a waste of perfectly good marketing and branding real estate.

Box Truck Wraps That Deliver!

How are vinyl box truck wraps made Orange County

Fabrication comes first!

The signage professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics initially did door decals and a banner for Golden Greek. Unfortunately, the friendly folks at the company entrusted one of their box truck wraps to another signage maker. This decision led to regrets. The print quality as well as the installation were not in keeping with the expectations that Golden Greek’s management team had formed.

When the next refrigerated truck was added to the fleet, we got the call to modify the wrap design so that it would fit the 20-foot length of the truck. Since we specialize in the design and installation of box truck wraps, Orange County and L.A. County businesses know to rely on us for this service. By combining a cast wrap vinyl with a cast gloss laminate, we succeeded in creating a stunning design that presents well on the large surface. Branding the truck with the company’s name and logo as well as a subliminal listing of its products is part of the truck’s rear display as well as the side paneling, which features a Greek statue profile as well.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering Orange County

Vinyl lettering and decals for the cab

Social media icons round out the presentation. Since business is great, the management team asked us to add a “now hiring drivers” decal to the rear door display. It is removable, which makes it an ideal addition to the marketing wrap – until all vacant positions are filled. Although this story has a successful conclusion, it highlights the importance of doing business with an expert in the field!

Yet how do you know whether you have the right signage professional for your box truck graphics? Orange County entrepreneurs already know to ask two questions.

Buy box truck wraps in Orange County

The rear shines as much as the sides!

  1. Tell us about your printer. Not all printers are created equal. While you might be able to get away with an older printer for a small decal, a large 20-foot wrap panel exposes the quality of the equipment. When it is old, outdated or simply sub par, you lack the color quality and crispness of the graphics.
  2. How many wraps do you do each month? Even the best wrap installer has a learning curve. However, do you want the new installer to learn the tricks of the trade while working on your vehicle? While we understand that everyone has to start somewhere, we also understand that you do not necessarily want it to be your box truck. Call us when you want to work with well-established professionals who routinely install wraps.

Contact us first when you’re ready to add pizzazz to your box trucks! We make it easy to get a quote!

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