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Giant Vinyl Wall Decals Installed on Brick and Block Walls in Fullerton, CA!

 Oct 17, 2022

Brick walls have an industrial look that endears them to interior decorators in high-end lofts, dance studious, art galleries, coffee shops, and similar locales. Did you know that our shop specializes in designing, producing, and installing brick wall decals in Fullerton, CA? In the process, we can underscore a minimalist interior design or imbue the space with a brand message. Here is an example.

wall graphics installed on brick in fullerton, ca

Case Study: Legacy Dance Studio 

You find the Legacy Dance Studio at 174 North Raymond Avenue. There, top instructors work with students on Hip Hop, ballet, jazz, and more. When the Studio moved into its current location, the owners spent a lot of time envisioning the venue’s setup. One aspect they considered was advertising and brand building.

brick wall decals in fullerton, ca

Our shop received the call to come and assist with a giant entrance wall decal that would go on a painted brick wall. As is our custom, we began the project with a wall test, which helped us select the correct type of vinyl. Technicians worked with a cast vinyl with extra aggressive adhesive.

This type of application is a good option for this wall style. Using a lot of heat during the installation process, our specialists could conform the material over the brick texture and the mortar lines. The logo display now gives the illusion that it had been carefully painted on the wall over the brick. It is an excellent lobby sign setup.

fullerton, ca wall graphics for brick walls

Wall Graphics and Decals for Brick Walls Build Brands and Decorate, Too!

In addition to using wall graphics for brick walls to feature a corporate persona, you can also look to vinyl to provide decorative touches. We can help decorate your location with niche-specific images. For warehouses and industrial settings, consider using vinyl graphics for wayfinding. Examples include arrows, printed directories, and even colorful stripes that were popular in the 1970s (and are now making a comeback). 

custom wall graphics for brick walls in fullerton, ca

If you find yourself setting up a business in a space with painted bricks or blocks, we can also change the feel of the venue with custom-printed wallpaper. It is an excellent alternative to repainting. It focuses visitors’ attention on the corporate persona rather than simply decorating the walls. And, if you represent several different brands, the custom wallpaper works well to co-brand your business with prominent customer favorites. 

Wall Graphics Installed on Brick are Great for School Playgrounds and City Venues

Did you know that you do not have to limit the installation of brick wall decals in Fullerton, CA, only to interior walls? In fact, we can also work with walls that are on the outside of the business. Schools already know that we can decorate playground walls with fun graphics and splashes of color. We can brand and decorate the walls of pickleball courts and similar locales for municipal locations.

wall graphics and decals for brick walls in fullerton

What could we do for your business? Custom wall graphics for brick walls could be what your venue needs to differentiate itself from the competition. Call us today to discuss the project!


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