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Gas Station Rebranding in Riverside, CA, Requires a High-Performance Sign Company!

 Jan 29, 2024

Excalibur Fuels requested our assistance with a gas station rebranding in Riverside, CA. Previously, we had worked with the client on service station rebranding in Westminster and fuel pump graphics and decal changes in Anaheim. What goes into this type of project?

gas station rebranding new graphics in riverside, ca

Gas Station Rebranding New Graphics for Excalibur

Since we collaborated with the client on other occasions, we still had the specs. This particular location used to be a Shell station. While our technicians manufactured the signage at the shop, we had another team go to the location and prepare it for signage installation. 

vinyl graphics rebrand gas station in riverside, ca

For this project, we did new graphics for all fuel pump doors, the canopies above the pumps, the blade sign pump numbers, and the translucent panel for the pylon sign. We used 3M cast vinyl graphics to ensure the most extended durability possible in a challenging setting. When we were done, the location was perfectly branded for Excalibur Fuels.

Choosing Your Signage Products for the Next Gas Station Rebranding

vinyl graphics rebranding for gas stations in riverside, ca

Signage is like the face of your gas station – it communicates your brand, attracts customers, and guides them through their experience. Selecting the right signage products is crucial for creating a welcoming and memorable atmosphere. Besides that, it advertises and continues the brand story of your company. What are some products to consider during the rebranding process?

  • Fuel price displays. Fuel price displays are vital for attracting motorists passing by. These displays should be prominently placed and easily readable from the road. LED price displays are popular choices due to their brightness and visibility, allowing drivers to quickly spot your fuel prices, encouraging them to pull in for a fill-up. These products are uniquely positioned to combine your branding with the pricing.
  • Directional signage. Wayfinding signs guide customers around your gas station efficiently. This includes signs indicating where to find the entrance, exit, fuel pumps, convenience store, restrooms, and other amenities. Clear and intuitive directional signage enhances the customer experience, reducing confusion and frustration. Moreover, these products are excellent for creating brand awareness in a potentially new customer demographic.
  • Pump toppers. These are small signs placed atop fuel pumps. They are perfect for promoting special offers, loyalty programs, or advertising products in your convenience store. They capture customers’ attention while refueling, encouraging them to explore additional offerings at your station. Featuring your brand colors and symbols is critical.

Vinyl Graphics Rebranding for Gas Stations Also Focuses on Utilitarian Signage

vinyl graphics replacement at gas stations in riverside, ca

When discussing a gas station rebranding in Riverside, CA, and other locations, consider also the smaller signs you might not typically associate with advertising. Examples include safety signs, such as emergency shut-off switches and ADA-compliant products. While these are signage solutions that must meet stringent federal and local requirements, there is still room for integrating your corporate identity. Although primarily functional by design, they are excellent at continuing and supporting your brand narrative.

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