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Building Lettering and Directional Signs Help Parishioners Find Their Way at Lutheran Church in Orange County, CA

 Dec 07, 2021

Messiah Lutheran in Yorba Linda is a vibrant church that serves the community, families with children, and preschoolers. In the past, our shop did some cast aluminum 3D lettering and perforated window graphics for the Messiah Lutheran preschool. When the church’s committee contacted us this time, we discussed building lettering and directional signs in Orange County, CA.

Assisting Visitors and Members with Wayfinding through Signage

Building letters and directional signs in Orange County CA

The client requested three post and panel directional signs. They would provide an overview of the church’s campus and help people orient themselves when looking for the worship center, fellowship room, and other locations. We designed these maps to be easy to follow and look professional.

dimensional building letters in Yorba Linda CA

Our technicians selected four-inch aluminum post frames with aluminum composite panels for the panel portion. Cast vinyl graphics ensure long durability in the sun. In addition to these wayfinding tools, our shop designed, fabricated, and installed two more sets of three-quarter-inch-thick cast aluminum letters. They now label the spaces for the Life Center and Youth Center.

We pin-mounted the cast letters to allow for a half-inch space between letter and wall. The material’s anodized finish will join the post and panel signs in durability and ease of case. 

Does Your Church Create a Welcoming Atmosphere?

3D letters for churches in orange county, ca

Churches all around the OC are looking for ways to invite non-members. However, some would-be guests are afraid of embarrassing themselves, getting lost on larger church campuses, or not navigating a location due to the insider lingo. Therefore, more and more church committees are looking for ways to make their sites easy to find and navigate. 

There are several signage solutions that they favor beyond building lettering and directional signs in Orange County CA.

custom desgined directional signs in orange county, ca

  • Monument signs. The monument sign is most likely the first thing guests see when coming to your church. It should feature the name of the church, the address, and any information you believe would be helpful. For example, if your parking lot is behind the building, make a note of it on the monument sign in the front.
  • Wayfinding signs. Helping visitors to your church find their ways around can take many forms. Examples include post and panel maps, window graphics, and three-dimensional exterior letters that highlight the names of the various buildings. The proper selection of products depends mainly on your campus’ setup.
  • Directory signs. These signs are typically on the inside of your location. Examples include interior channel letters to signal the entrance to the children’s chapel or the sanctuary, directories, and ADA-compliant room labels. 

Work with Our Team to Make Your Church Friendly for Visitors

cast aluminum building letters in orange county, ca

Could your church benefit from building lettering and directional signs in Orange County, CA? Would a set of directories for the various levels make a difference to the visitors who are coming to your location for the first time? Maybe a combination of window letters with accompanying graphics can help newcomers find the right place to enter.

aluminum 3D letters in Yorba Linda CA

Our technicians work with you on designing the best possible signage for your unique location. The signage will be fully customized to meet your needs. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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