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Frosted and Etched Glass Graphics that are Printable Give a Great Look in Orange County, CA!

 Aug 15, 2022

When customers are looking for someone to install glass handrails, wind walls, or doors, they know to call A-Star Glass in Huntington Beach. When the company needed glass graphics for the City of Dana Point Parks & Facilities Department’s door before bringing it to the installation site, they knew to contact us. Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in frosted glass doors in Orange County, CA.

frosted glass graphics for doors in orange county, ca

Custom Frosted Glass Graphics Look Chic Besides Being Functional

Our client’s customer wanted to see the City’s seal placed on the door. It is a highly detailed graphic that our graphic artist perfectly sized for the door panel. The contact information and other details that visitors to the Department might need are presented as an etched display. 

Do you notice that this glass graphics product looks markedly different from many others you currently see around? It is no accident!

custom designed etched and frosted glass graphics in orange county, ca

The new etched vinyl that we now carry is printable. As a result, our technicians did a reverse-cut graphics display that shows the clear glass. They then printed onto the material. The result is impressive and sure to turn heads. Best of all, you can have it, too!

Window and Door Glass Graphics Welcome Customers Before They Even Enter

Would it not be great if you could engage the customer who is walking up to your door? Set the tone for expectations and provide critical information that boosts customer satisfaction. With the new etched vinyl that our technicians now have access to, we can customize your displays like never before!

Consider, for example, the detailed rendition of your corporate persona, logo, or well-known tagline. It combines with artistically etched vinyl portions to create a highly unique look. Of course, you do not have to limit your displays to just the glass panels of your front door.

frosted glass doors in orange county, ca

Your street-facing windows also work well to engage with the customer. By choosing multiple glass panels, you have plenty of space to expand on your brand story. Moreover, it allows for the integration of co-branding displays. This way, storefront windows underscore the location’s relevance for meeting shoppers’ needs.

Order Your Next Set of Etched and Frosted Glass Doors in Orange County, CA

Do you have several designs that you are already using at your location? We work with the specs and allow for the ideal complementing signage solutions. That said, we can also work with you on creating a corporate logo or seal that you can then see displayed on your glass surfaces. 

Consider pairing your glass graphics with a matching building sign or temporary exterior signage such as A-frames or flutter flags. Another more permanent outdoor display that could underscore your branding is the design of pole banners. They can be the colorful counterparts to a black and white glass graphics display.

What could a change in the graphics products you are currently using do to the overall look and feel of your storefront or office? Could it boost your brand story? Find out more about these products; call our sign shop today!

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