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Office Hallway Wall Graphics Add Interest and Color to Bland White Walls in Anaheim, CA!

 Jul 25, 2022

Southern California’s largest cable TV and internet provider, Spectrum TV, has been working with American Solutions for Business. This company invited us to do wall graphics for office hallways in Anaheim, CA. The last time we visited this office and did some work, we prepared customized wall graphics and printed wallpaper for offices. This project would tackle a long hallway that would be otherwise challenging to decorate. 

Wall Graphics for Office Hallways in Anaheim, CA

Transforming Bland Wall Spaces with Colorful Office Hallway Wall Graphics

The long hallway is used since employees pass through on their way to work. We discussed the options with the client and learned they had compiled famous SoCal sites and landscapes. Making this selection opened the door to some fantastic, high-resolution photo displays.

Custom Designed Office Wall Murals

Our specialist printed the selection of nature shots, structure photos, and gorgeous natural vistas. These line up, side by side, for a 58-inch-tall stripe that extends about 100 feet. After printing and finishing the images, we sent our technicians to do the installation. The scenery makes the hallway look less industrial and far more visually attractive. 

Office Hallway Wall Graphics

Designing School, Hospital, Warehouse, and Office Hallway Wall Graphics 

Hallways are challenging for many clients. They offer a significant space that could be ideally used for advertising, branding, or wayfinding. However, standard signage products typically do not work well because of the walls’ sheer size. Custom wall wraps and graphics offer the best solutions.

Hallway Wall Graphics for Offices

  • Wayfinding. In the 1970s, some institutions would paint colorful stripes along their walls to identify the direction a visitor would have to walk to reach various departments. We have brought back this idea but without the 70s vibe. Choose stripes designed from word walls that lead to the offices. Stairwell hallways can feature arrows with color-coded designs.
  • Advertising. What do you sell? If you are a school, you sell education. Creating colorful hallways with quotes and sayings underscoring the importance of lifelong learning are excellent ideas. For the store that sells shoes, consider a mural displaying a forest or desert scene where the proper footwear would make a difference.
  • Branding. Focus on colors, showcase the words that highlight your corporate mission, or create clever Venn diagrams that position your brand at the center. Another option is the display of images from your other locations.

Custom Wall Wraps for Offices

Work with Superior Signs and Graphics on Putting Together Wall Graphics for Office Hallways in Anaheim, CA

Which hallway mural design is well-suited for your space? Do you need images that guide visitors? Would you prefer something artistic that adds splashes of color to an otherwise industrial setting? If you are unsure what graphics to choose, our in-house artist will gladly work with you on exploring the options.

Moreover, we also handle the fabrication in-house. Typically, we will conduct a wall test to ensure that our technicians are using the right vinyl for the project. If you like, we can add an anti-graffiti laminate that protects your investment from scribbles and permanent markers. Call us today to get started on a project!

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