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Custom Foam Letter Building Signs in Buena Park, CA!

 Mar 09, 2021

Located at 6850 Artesia Boulevard, Tuscany Cheese needed attractive signage to build its brand. Superior Signs and Graphics helped the firm design, produce, and install a custom foam letter building sign in Buena Park, CA. Here is what happened.

Multiple Colors and Layering Combine for a Brand-Focused Sign with an Impressive Footprint

Foam Letter Building Sign in Buena Park CA

Look at the images of the company’s façade. The sign you see is almost 16 feet wide! It is an accurate rendition of the company’s corporate persona. The client selected outdoor-rated sign foam for the production of the letters.

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To ensure that we would create a perfect replica of the color play, our technicians layered white aluminum over two-inch-thick sign foam, to which we then added another red layer of aluminum to create the red center with the white outline and sides.

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Before installing the style elements, our team painted the brown background color of the logo on the concrete wall. Doing so was a simple step for us but saved the client quite a bit of money because it eliminated the need for putting a large aluminum sheet behind the foam.

Passersby now see the brand-focused signage that contrasts beautifully with the creamy white building color. Moreover, the layering of the material results in a fantastic look that impresses with its artistry.

Layering in Sign Making? Superior Signs and Graphics Does It!

custom building signs in cerritos ca

There is more to layering different materials – and even alike substances – than meets the eye. It takes experience, skill, and an understanding of physics to do it well. A case in point is the combination of different types of vinyl. Unless you factor in the shrinking that is part of the vinyl’s makeup, you will see cracks in relatively new sign faces.

Of course, when you work with Superior Signs and Graphics specialists, you know that you get the experts who understand how to match materials for a building sign that lasts and wows.

  • Acrylic and two layers of vinyl. Acrylic is a favorite sign-making material. Our technicians use it for interior and exterior signage applications. One of our clients’ favorite displays is the application of a frosted vinyl layer to the back of a clear acrylic panel. Next, we apply the lettering and corporate logo to the front as an overlay.
  • Painted aluminum and sign foam. Did the sign we did for Tuscany Cheese make you curious? When you have several contrasting colors, a framed letter design, or need to have returns displayed in specific shades, layering custom-painted aluminum over the sign foam works well.
  • Sign foam and laminates. Some clients like the thickness that foam brings to the table. However, rather than painting the material, we can apply acrylic or metal laminate. It gives the illusion of a sign that consists of the more expensive material through and through.

Entrust Our Full-Service Shop with Your Custom Foam Letter Building Signs in Buena Park, CA!

foam letter building signs in buena park ca

Our sign shop can handle all aspects of the project. Whether you need design assistance, only the production, or an installation, we can do the element of the project you need – or all three. Call us today at (714) 248-5901.

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