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Decals and Lettering for Commercial Vans in Fullerton Adds a Professional Look!

 Jan 08, 2019

Vinyl Decals and Lettering | Commercial Vans | Fullerton CA

When Golden Rooter bought a new Ford Transit mid-roof sprinter van for its business, the management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of decals and lettering for commercial vans in Fullerton, CA. We met with the client to determine how best to represent the firm’s brand message.

The team asked us for clean-looking and straightforward graphics that would be easy to read. With these requirements in hand, we designed a partial wrap for the window recesses. For the sides and back, our technicians added some die-cut lettering to round out the visual appearance.

Commercial Van Vinyl Decals and Lettering Fullerton CA

Advertise your plumbing business affordably!

Now, consumers seeing the van take in the company’s name, logo, niche image, and contact information. To expand on its services menu, Golden Rooter added a number of jobs it takes on that the average homeowner could most certainly need some help with. Sizing of the style elements is sufficiently large to stand out in traffic and while parked.

Mobile Marketing is No Longer Optional

In the past, vehicles with decals and wraps stood out because there were not that many around. Today, vehicles without them stand out – and not in a good way – because every good-quality company relies on mobile marketing to identify itself to the consumer. In fact, brand-neutral vans parked in front of homes raise suspicions of neighbors that someone might be up to no good.

Besides that, the failure to identify your corporate identity and niche is now considered unprofessional. After all, why would a business decide to remain incognito when it provides a service to a homeowner or business? As you can see, participating in mobile marketing is no longer optional. Rather, it is the hallmark of a company that understands the tastes and needs of its target demographic.

Budget-Friendly Graphics Make Decals and Lettering for Commercial Vans Affordable

Fleet decals and lettering Fullerton CA

Decals and lettering great for all sides of your van!

You do not need to break your budget to add vehicle graphics to your marketing lineup. The most comprehensive method is the full wrap. It means that we cover the entirety of your van with imprinted vinyl. In the alternative, take a page from the playbook of Golden Rooter, and opt for a partial wrap.

This product covers between 25 percent and 75 percent of your vehicle, depending on your needs. We help you decide how to integrate the van’s paint job with the graphics that you have selected. Another option is the use of vehicle graphics. We die-cut images and add lettering to the mix. By the way, combining partial wraps with lettering is always a good idea.

How to Decide What to Include in Your Graphics Setup

Vinyl Decals and Lettering for Plumbing Vans Fullerton CA

Gain up to 70,000 visual views in just one day!

  • Name and logo. Your corporate persona is an integral part of the display you want the consumer to see. If you do not yet have a logo, our graphic artist can help you select or design one.
  • Differentiations. What makes your company stand out from the competition? A services menu introduces new prospective customers to your list of services.
  • Contact information. Most companies choose a phone number. Some also add social media handles, website addresses, and emails.

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