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Eye-Catching Window Graphics for Retail Stores in Los Angeles!

 Feb 21, 2020

Yours Truly is an eclectic clothing and accessories boutique that does business at 334 North Fairfax Avenue in the heart of L.A. This retail store has fantastic street exposure, which inspired the management team to invest in targeted window graphics in Los Angeles CA. Superior Signs and Graphics assisted with the project.

Capturing the Brand Identity of a Retail Store

Window Graphics in Los Angeles CA for Retail Stores

Yours Truly has a unique brand identity that is difficult to put into words. It is one of these you-know-it-when-you-see-it kinds of personas. Because the boutique is a perfect fit for the L.A. business community, it was imperative that we would encapsulate the brand message.

We worked with the store’s management team, which entrusted us with the design, production, and installation of die-cut window graphics. Our visual artist took the specs off the business’ website. Doing so allowed us to create a consistent color and design theme.

Retail Storefront Window Graphics in Los Angeles CA

With the sketches approved by the client, we fabricated a variety of brand-centric die-cut graphics that are a perfect extension of the store’s message. Now, passersby have an easy time connecting the store’s message with its online persona. The management team alerted us that it plans to change the graphics every quarter to keep the appearance fresh.

How to Create the Perfect Window Graphics

Storefront Window Decals in Los Angeles CA

Because your windows are so visible to the consumer, they are ideally suited for a broad range of marketing and branding messages. Of course, there are some considerations. Besides that, you have several choices when planning to brand with window surfaces.

  • Die-cut graphics. Individual graphics work well when there are several aspects of the brand persona you want to feature. Because they do not have to relate to one another, these products are essential when you like to combine different aspects of your message.
  • Window wraps. When the main focus is on advertising products or services, window wraps are the better choice. They provide you with sufficient space to develop a vignette that exemplifies what you offer. Most importantly, these wraps can cover all or only parts of your available window surfaces. In this way, you can still use the glass to display products.
  • Combination. For a brand conversation continuation, you cannot go wrong with a combination of wraps and die-cut graphics. In this way, you underscore the brand message your building sign sends. In the same way, you have an opportunity for advertising everything that the consumer can expect to find inside.

Our Sign Shop Routinely Designs Window Graphics in Los Angeles, CA

Vinyl Window Lettering and Graphics in Los Angeles CA

Are you hesitating with window graphics because you are not sure what you should put on the glass panes? We can help! Our shop frequently works with business owners who understand the power that their window surfaces could have. However, they do not have an advertising campaign nailed down that identifies the best graphics or wrap designs.

In these situations, we gladly design something completely new from the ground up. We work with your website, sales collateral, and other signage that currently identifies what your message is all about. From there, we can develop a brand conversation or continue it. Contact us today to see what this could look like for your retail store!

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