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Eye-Catching Wall Murals Bring Themes into Walnut, CA Offices!

 Dec 09, 2019

Did you catch the CityScoop posts we did on the indoor graphics package and exterior signs for Daxen? The company exemplifies the various ways that a business can incorporate superior branding into its venue. Cases in point are the wall murals in Walnut CA, that we just recently completed for this client.

Continuing a Brand Story with Murals

Wall Murals in Walnut CA

After meeting with the client, we completed two different products. One is a wall of fame. It will offer space for the company’s top performers. In this way, they succeed in combining their workforce with the brand’s success. This wall is ready to feature the images of excellent workers. Besides that, the wall looks like it features a curtain display that adds definition to the themed space.

Conference Room Wall Murals in Walnut CA

Next, we designed a conference room mural. It encapsulates the company’s approach to branding. Moreover, it creates an ideal backdrop for the firm’s business meetings and strategy planning sessions. When visitors come, they cannot help but become part of the brand’s narrative. Overall, this is a well-thought-out mural presentation that capitalizes on wall space for a brand presentation.

Looking Past the Wall Spaces

Custom Wall Murals in Walnut CA

Wall murals in Walnut CA are excellent products that provide your space with marketing and branding messages, depending on your needs. However, did you know that there is a lot more that we can do with vinyl?

  • Floor graphics. Grocery stores exemplify the ease with which you can advertise when you add floor graphics to your space. They are durable, colorful, and catch the eyes of people walking through the aisles. Did you know that we could also install these kinds of graphics on carpeting, concrete, and other flooring surfaces? What would you want shoppers at your venue to pay attention to?
  • Window graphics. Reel in the foot traffic with window graphics. This medium uses surfaces that you already have for advertising messages. Far too few business owners make the most of the windows that they have. Many black them out or leave them blank. You do not have to follow suit. Instead, capture the attention of passersby with window graphics that advertise a product or service. It is an excellent way of attracting interest.
  • Vehicle graphics. Our technicians can treat all types of vehicles. Cars, trucks, vans, and golf carts are just some examples. Choose from full or partial wraps as well as vehicle graphics and lettering. Treated vehicles become powerful additions to any brand narrative you are featuring at your location. Most importantly, they introduce your brand story to consumers who have not yet visited your company.

Ordering Your Next Set of Wall Murals

Office Wall Murals in Walnut CA

Superior Signs and Graphics is your one-stop-shop for all types of vinyl graphics. We routinely work with business owners who want wall graphics, need window graphics, or decide to enter the mobile marketing revolution with vehicle graphics. We can help you design a set of products from the ground up. In fact, office wall murals in Walnut CA are really catching on and are a great way to promote your company!

In the alternative, we can work with the specs that you already have on hand. Therefore, you will receive the ideal encapsulation of your brand. Contact us today to discuss your next project with our experts!

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