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Etched and Frosted Window Treatments and Graphics for Businesses in Orange County, CA!

 Sep 26, 2018

Etched and Frosted Window Graphics and Treatments Orange County CA

Orange County office buildings exemplify the contemporary take on business architecture. There is plenty of glass and chrome. However, with the glass panels now replacing many walls, there are privacy concerns. This is where etched and frosted window treatments and graphics make a significant difference in the overall presentation of your corporate space.

Frosted Window Film Preserves Privacy

The typical conference room has become a fishbowl. Open on two or even three sides, it is difficult for meeting participants to concentrate. Passersby look in and may disrupt the meetings and negotiations that go on. Privacy film makes a difference.

Etched and Frosted Window Graphics Orange County CA

Great for privacy!

Choose from stripes that run the length of the room. We gladly mount strips of frosted vinyl on the middle section of each glass panel. It maintains the open concept look and feel of the space while giving employees and clients a modicum of privacy. In a medical clinic setting, frosted window film obscures the view into dental treatment rooms or offices.

Etched Vinyl Brings Elegance to Any Venue

On the other side of the equation is the use of the glass panels for aesthetics. Etched vinyl lets you feature a brand message by having us cut out your corporate name and logo from the frosted material. It is elegant and sophisticated. Some business clients elect to have us imprint their colorful details onto the vinyl itself.

Etched and frosted window treatments Orange County CA

Great for entrances and lobbies!

By the way, etched vinyl is not just for the interior. It is an excellent option for outward facing windows, too. There, the material obscures the view inside a clinic’s waiting room or restaurant’s dining area while presenting the branding over the width of an entire window pane. Our technicians gladly also reverse-cut a slogan or tagline from the vinyl. Doing so helps consumers build brand recognition.

Which Look Is Right for Your Business?

Do you need privacy in your office or storefront? Maybe you are looking for a sophisticated way to advertise your corporate persona. Etched and frosted vinyl window film is the right answer. It is a budget-friendly solution that completely changes the atmosphere of a setting.

Etched Vinyl Storefront Window Graphics Orange County CA

Great for storefront windows!

If you are unsure how to incorporate this product into your current office setup, our team can help. We gladly come to your location for a site survey, which allows us to take measurements and offer advice for placing these signage solutions with your existing interior décor. The goal here is to have the product stand out just enough to be noticeable but not so much as to interrupt your setup.

Frequently, we can also help you with planning secondary products such as wall art and similar brand expressions around them. This process results in a powerful one-two marketing punch that looks artistic and understated. Even so, it gets your message across. Some business clients have had excellent success pairing window treatments with wall murals and graphics that support a current advertising campaign or new product launch. Our graphic artist can show you examples of how to pair your graphics with others at the venue.

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