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Three’s Company Services Brands with Trailer Decals and Vinyl Lettering in Yorba Linda CA

 Jan 12, 2014
Decals and vehicle vinyl lettering Orange County CA

Decals and Vinyl Lettering Great Way to Advertise 24/7!

Getting noticed – whether you have a unique or common business concept – is crucial for the continued survival of your business. Case in point is Three’s Company Services. An expert in the removal of graffiti and scratches from glass and other materials, the company restores the unmarred beauty and attractive nature of storefronts across sunny Southern California. These Orange County specialists know how to remove the unsightly damage from glass without actually having to replace the panes. Done on-site, this process in fact qualifies as a “green service.”

This is the kind of business that other companies and property managers need to hear about! When Three’s Company contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to discuss the details of a vehicle wrap for their equipment trailer, we came out and did an evaluation of the Norco trailer. When we discovered the equipment hauler was white, we discussed a utility trailer decal and lettering setup instead. Since the company’s logo color involves plenty of white – and since the trailer’s base color is white – there was no need to wrap it in vinyl. This cost-effective step greatly benefits Three’s Company.

Vinyl Lettering and Decals Great for All Ad Budgets!

Vinyl Lettering and Decals Great for All Ad Budgets!

The trailer’s side displays the company’s logo, name and a tag line as well as a phone number. A blue stripe goes around the item and allows plenty of room to show the website address. Adding the business’ license number heightens the credibility of the company and allows consumers to realize instantly that this outfit has all the right licenses, permits and insurances in place. This same information is displayed on the trailer’s back hatch. It makes it easy to see for anyone on the roads or while the trailer is parked at a job site.

Get Noticed 365 Days a Year!

Get Noticed 365 Days a Year!

Are you thinking of upgrading your fleet of utility haulers with trailer decals and lettering? Yorba Linda, CA, roads are teeming with motorists and pedestrians who are sure to notice your wrap or lettering.

  • Memorable. Studies have proven that bland haulers do not stand out. When they feature vinyl enhancements, they grab the attention of bystanders and help them to remember the name of the company and even the type of business the company is engaged in.
  • Useful for branding. Whether you are the only business selling widgets in your service area or are one of many, make sure that your name and slogan come to the mind of the consumer first. When the need for widgets arises, having your company’s name come to mind can make the difference between a bevy of new orders and missing out on plenty of business opportunities.
  • Attractive. If your trailer has gotten a few scratches, a full wrap will make them invisible. If your trailer is in great shape and your logo’s base color matches the paint job on the trailer, you will do fine with the trailer lettering and decals Orange County locals are now seeing on Three’s Company’s hauler. Due to the superior durability of the vinyl, you can expect to get about five years of consistent advertising out of the wrap.

Contact us! We’re happy to help come up with a design that will work within your ad budet and no advertising method out there today is as powerful and noticeable as graphics such as decals alongside vibrant vinyl lettering!

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