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Custom Lobby Logo Signs and Window Graphics for Irvine Cosmetics Manufacturer!

 Jan 03, 2019

Custom Lobby Logo Signs Irvine CA

AQ Skin Solutions fulfills a unique need. The company uses growth factor technology to provide its clients with topical cosmeceuticals. Treatments include skin and hair care systems. Customers can locate the company at 390 Goddard in Irvine. When the business’ management team needed custom lobby logo signs and window graphics for the location, its representative contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Branding an Innovative Business with Impressive Signage Products

Acrylic Panel Lobby Logo Signs Irvine CA

Acrylic panel lobby logo wall signs help brand your business!

We consulted with the firm to determine its needs. At that time, we received the specs for the signage and put together a professional signage suite.

Lobby signs. We used clear acrylic panels as the base for these signs. We overlaid them with imprinted vinyl. Because the company uses a logo that seems to feature a brushed metal element, we used a 3M textured wrap product for this area. It provides the texture we needed to replicate the display style that the client was looking for. Our technicians mounted the signs with brushed aluminum standoffs.

Retail Store Window Graphics Irvine CA

Door and window graphics reel in foot traffic!

Window graphics. The company’s management team understands the power of window graphics. Not only do they provide repetition of the brand colors, but they also allow for another opportunity to drive brand knowledge and name recognition. We repeated the colorful displays on the window panes and included the taglines with lettering.

Encapsulating a Brand Message

Signage does more than provide wayfinding assistance. It enables a company to highlight its brand message and permeate a space with the information. Of course, starting it on the outside is always a good option. Take a page from the playbook of AQ Skin Solutions, and begin with window graphics. You already have these panes on your property. Unless you need the glass for the display of merchandise, it remains mostly unused.

In these instances, consider adding colorful graphics that repeat your branding. Moreover, add lettering to spell out taglines, brand differentiation, and special offers that you want consumers to know about. On a larger scale, you have the opportunity to feature your brand message as part of a building sign. Options typically include channel letters, dimensional letters, and box cabinets.

On the inside, there is the lobby sign. Choose a logo board, dimensional letters, or a combination of the two. Encapsulating your brand message here means featuring your company’s corporate logo, colors, and font against the backdrop of a harmonizing interior décor. All other interior signage products take their cues from the lobby signs.

Ordering Custom Lobby Logo Signs and Window Graphics in Irvine, CA

Vinyl window graphics for retail stores Irvine CA

Ready to brand your business with these signage solutions?

Whether you are just starting in business, adding a second location, or moving to Irvine, Superior Signs and Graphics can assist you with all of your signage needs. If you require custom lobby logo signs, let our graphic artist show you the options that are open to you. Our team gladly visits your location for a site survey, which enables us to take measurements and offer advice about proper sizing of the various style elements.

We serve the business communities in and around the counties of Los Angeles and Orange. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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