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Custom Wall Murals and 3D Logo Signs for Restaurants in Orange County!

 Mar 07, 2017

Jalapeno cheddar popcorn? Fruit strawberry and cream flavors? Visit Popcornopolis for these great treats. The company has numerous stores in California and is in the process of outfitting another one. That is when the management team contacted us to discuss wall murals and 3D logo signs in Orange County, CA.

3D Wall Logo Signs for Restaurants in Orange County CA

3D Logo wall signs great for specialty restaurants!

After meeting with the client, we put together three soffit wraps and a good-sized wall cover that you see behind the glass where popcorn is made. The appetizing displays put shoppers in the mood to buy a few bags of the local favorites as well as some of the rarer treats that folks want to try simply because they look and smell so good. A three-dimensional sign presents the company’s name and logo. We mounted it over the center soffit’s wrap. By adding red and yellow stripes at the tops of the other walls, we were able to tie in the color scheme and give the space definition while reinforcing the brand message.

Marketing with Wall Murals

Wall Murals for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Wall murals entice and engage!

The mural is one of the best products to select when you have an advertising message you want to combine with your branding. Because the design specifications are completely up to you, it is easy to incorporate colors, shapes, and even present products with larger than life appearances. By calling attention to your company’s color palette and highlighting products in the process, murals are ideally suited for larger displays. When something smaller is needed, we recommend using wall graphics.

Incorporating Murals with Other Signs

Another reason for choosing murals is the ease with which you can integrate other signage components into the display. For Popcornopolis, we placed a name and logo panel right on top of a wrapped soffit. For your business, you might want to add ADA-compliant signs to the mix. There is no shortage of display options.

Wall Wraps for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Ready to brand your restaurant?

In fact, some clients have had excellent success with installing lobby logo boards or even dimensional letters to wall wraps. By combining multiple colors of your corporate palette in this manner, you boost the customer’s ability to connect your company’s name to a distinct brand identity. In this setting, the graphics display acts as a mnemonic device that makes it easier to remember the products or services you represent.

Ordering Wall Murals and 3D Logo Signs in Orange County, CA

We recommend setting up a design consultation with our experts. Bring along any graphics you would like us to incorporate. If you are unsure what image would be ideally suited, we gladly show you stock pictures that might be perfect for your location. From there, we help you select the right vinyl substrate. Some of them offer slight texturing, which heightens the visual appeal. For larger venues, we frequently suggest using this type of plastic to create some depth.

If we have piqued your interest in learning more about the different types of wall murals and 3D logo signs that could represent your business, talk through your plans with our experts. We help you decide on a look that suits your location perfectly.

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