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Custom Three-Dimensional Building Sign for California Cane Sugar in Los Angeles, CA!

 Jun 14, 2023

Our shop frequently designs, builds, and installs industrial building signs in Los Angeles, CA. The latest example is a custom 3D building sign we did for California Cane Sugar. The company is located in an industrial La Mirada business park at 16821 Knott Avenue. We worked with the management team to get the required specs outlining the font, color palette, and overall presentation they were looking for. With this information in hand, we were able to put together a highly visible, brand-centric signage setup that perfectly identifies the client’s location. 

3D Building Signs in los angeles, ca

Dimensional Letters and Logos in L.A. Industrial Business Parks are a Must-Have

Industrial building signage is a powerful visual marker, conveying important information and branding messages to a diverse audience. Understanding the importance of industrial building signs in Los Angeles has led companies to pay closer attention to how they use the facade space of production, distribution, and similar venues. Here is why.

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