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Custom Signs and Graphics for Medical Offices in Orange County

 Oct 22, 2015

Located at 18700 Main Street in Suite 209 in Huntington Beach, CA, Harner Orthodontics serves patients of all ages. A broad range of high-tech solutions make it possible to catch potential orthodontic problems before they occur. This professional’s approaches and excellent outcomes have resulted in such a successful practice that the office needed to move into a larger unit within the same building. The clinic’s management team contacted the experts at Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance with customized dental office signage.

Signs and Graphics for Dental Offices in Orange County

Lobby signs for dental offices in Orange County

A brand building lobby sign!

We consulted with the office’s management team to put together a signage suite that would perfectly brand the business while also achieving the secondary goal of beautifying the space with a chic feel.

  • Window graphics. There are attractive glass windows between treatment rooms. To provide patients with privacy but maintain the open atmosphere of the setting, we manufactured vinyl window stripes that are 12 inches tall and applied to the glass with one-inch spaces in between them.
  • Entrance door graphics. Displaying the clinic’s name and logo on the door is a marketing necessity. We treated the entrance door with a logo that displays a reverse cutout.
  • Lobby sign. The reception area needed a new signage solution that would fit in with the setting. We created a one-half-inch-thick contour-cut sign from PVC. Mounted underneath two lights that illuminate the product, the effect is sophisticated and welcoming at once.

Customization is the Key to Success

Etched vinyl window graphics for dental offices in Orange County

Etched vinyl window graphics great for privacy!

What sets apart this office from others is the level of customization that went into the creation of the signage. By putting together a combination of products, our technicians succeeded at creating a harmonizing display that sets the tone for the overall character of the space. Medical office signage is no occasion for a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, our graphic artists routinely work with management teams that want something a little different to stand out and make patients’ experiences more pleasant.

For example, pediatric dental offices frequently create colorful settings that appeal to children. Signage solutions in these settings include themed sign products that sometimes involve animals or pirates. For cosmetic dentists that cater to adults, the setting of the office is completely different. This calls for a different array of products as well as varied material selections. In some cases, materials might fall outside the realm of standard options. Examples could include glass, marble and bamboo. Your office’s location, target audience and preferences determine the right selection of display materials.

Commissioning Your Customized Signage Today

Etched door graphics for dentists in Orange County

Custom etched vinyl for the entry door!

If you need custom signs and graphics for medical offices in Orange County or dental clinics in Orange as well as nearby L.A. County, our professionals can help. We work with your management team to learn more about the atmosphere you seek to create and the product selections that you are thinking of incorporating into the mix. We appreciate the opportunity to visit your location for a site survey and to take measurements. In addition, we consult with your team to determine any graphics that you already have, which you would like us to incorporate. Contact us today to get started.

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