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Custom Map Wall Wraps for Offices and Distribution Centers in Los Angeles, CA!

 Sep 02, 2022

Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in designing, producing, and installing custom map wall graphics in Los Angeles, CA. A good example is Spectrum, a repeat client who invited us to their Chatsworth office. You may remember that we had previously done printed wallpaper, office hallway wall graphics, and a scenic wall mural for the Anaheim location. Because they liked what we did in Anaheim so much, they wanted us to change the atmosphere of the Chatsworth location with similar products.

Map Wall Graphics

Map Wall Graphics Underscore the Company’s Vision and Success

The client provided us with a map, which the company’s technicians use, showing Spectrum’s service area. Our graphic artist was able to enlarge the map and create a high-resolution picture. We then transferred the information to a Google Maps high-resolution image and modified it to focus on the area in question. 

Custom Map Wall Graphics in Los Angeles CA

With the specs ready for production, our technicians went ahead and printed the mural. It impresses with its crisp images, bold colors, and good looks. This office wall wrap now covers a large surface that was nondescript and did no brand-building. It looks great and can serve as a backdrop for photos and announcements. 

Visionary Business Owners and Managers Prefer Wall Graphics of Maps

Outlining the beginnings of a business, its current sphere of influence, and plans for future expansion is a powerful advertising method and brand building. You generate immediate brand buy-in by having a visual aid that is easy to understand even for the first-time visitor to your location. Most importantly, you position your company as one that is growing. 

Wall Graphics of Maps

Other Office Wall Wraps That Create Excellent Branding Opportunities

For the client looking past custom map wall graphics in Los Angeles, CA, and wanting to highlight other brand messages, there are more options. 

  • Production. Showcase the production of your goods. Combining vibrant colors of location shots is a fantastic opportunity to help a customer better understand what you do. It also could assist them with developing a greater brand affinity. 
  • Performance. Usually, these are graphics that work very well in break rooms or training spaces. However, a growing number of businesses are now featuring highlights of their growth as murals in lobbies and conference rooms.
  • Involvement. Another critical brand-building opportunity with images is the community involvement you and your employees engage in. It highlights the company’s place in the community and its support of interests that matter to customers, too.

Discuss Your Next Office Mural with the Experts

Are there several blank walls in your space’s hallways, offices, meeting rooms, or lobby? Have you been thinking of adding some wall art but could not decide on a presentation that would work for your location? We can help. 

Office Wall Wraps

Superior Signs and Graphics work with the business communities of Los Angeles and Orange counties. We can use images you have or find stock photos uniquely suited to tell your brand’s story. Most importantly, we help you stand out from the competition. Discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. Call today!


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