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Custom Lobby Sign Options for your Orange County Office

 Nov 05, 2018

You need a lobby sign that is as unique as the brand your company represents. What does this look like? Typically, we highlight the work we do for individual companies. This time around, we want to show you side by side what different custom lobby sign options for your Orange County office could look like.

Kraferd Marketing

Custom Lobby Signs Orange County CA

Acrylic lettering elegant and professional!

Doing business at 110 East Wilshire Avenue in Fullerton, Kraferd Marketing is a brand of Kor Design. The firm needed a lobby sign that would underscore its branding differentiation. We used acrylic lobby lettering that spells out the company’s name. A matte finish ensures that the nearby ceiling light does not detract from the style elements’ good looks.

Apex Lending

Acrylic Letter Lobby Signs Orange County CA

3D Letters stand out; bold and noticeable!

Apex Lending helps clients with mortgages. The office is located at 6 Hutton Centre Drive in Santa Ana. This business customer asked us for a stud-mount installation to affix the acrylic lettering securely to the wall. We created a two-tone color presentation that complements the interior décor of the setting. Now, this sign greets clients as they approach the reception desk.

Haven Orthopedics & Spine Institute

3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs Orange County CA

3D Letters along with your logo really pop!

Patients find Haven Orthopedics & Spine Institute at 10390 Commerce Drive in Rancho Cucamonga. This lobby sign consists of a combination of one-inch-thick foam and foam with brushed metal facings. To ensure that we perfectly executed the details of the logo, we started with a solid shape and applied die cut graphics to create the aspects of the spine. The thickness of the lettering also allows for a play of light and shadow, which adds to the sign’s impressive nature.

LA Sound Panels/The Ground Up Music Group

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs Orange County CA

Acrylic panels mounted with brushed aluminum standoffs!

This was a dual presentation of two unique brand renditions in Yorba Linda. Matching PMS logo colors ensured the right display. We did two acrylic panel signs. Boards are ideally suited for encapsulating your brand message. Technicians mounted them with brushed aluminum wall standoffs. Doing so adds three-dimensional aesthetics to the mix, which is a visually attractive presentation of the signage.

What Should Your Lobby Sign Look Like?

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs with Vinyl Overlay Orange County CA

Vinyl overlay on an acrylic panel really stands out!

Would you prefer dimensional letters or a logo panel? Both styles have merit. Letters are ideally suited for walls that are too large or small for typical signage. We can adjust the sizing of the lettering as well as the spacing to make the dimensions work for your space. A panel offers an attractive look and lets you add layering in the form of 3D letters and other style elements for impressive displays.

Next, you might choose your material. PVC, aluminum, and foam letters are as popular as acrylic. If you are concerned that your logo may be too difficult to render in 3D because of a thin font or extensive detail work, we can help. The use of die-cut vinyl graphics mounted on clear acrylic with brushed aluminum wall standoffs might be the right answer.

Invite us out for a site survey and design consultation. We help you decide on the right custom lobby sign options for your Orange County office, manufacture the product, and then have our licensed installation technicians mount it. Call today!

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