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Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Offices in Orange County, CA!

 Mar 16, 2021

Gradelink is a company that does business at 26741 Portola Parkway in Lake Forest. From there, the software specialists work with schools and administrators to provide remote solutions for teachers and parents. The company’s management team recently contacted our shop to order custom lobby logo signs for offices in Orange County, CA.

Cast Aluminum Creates an Impressive Lobby Sign Presentation

Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Offices in Orange County CA

The client requested a metal sign that would look impressive but not be so heavy as to compromise the integrity of the walls. The answer was simple. A one-inch-thick cast aluminum sign consists of hollow letters that are threaded for stud mounting. Therefore, these style elements are not nearly as heavy as they look.

Besides that, they present an attractive brushed metal finish, which is a client favorite. We installed the parts making up the logo and the individual letters to display the spacing customers are already familiar with from visiting the company’s website.

A Closer Look at Cast Metal Letters

Lobby Logo Signs for Offices in Orange County CA

Cast metal is an attractive alternative to flat-cut letters. Manufacturing takes place by heating aluminum or bronze to the melting point and then pouring the molten metal into a set of molds. These molds allow for the selection of extra display options. For example, you might like rounded corners, prismatic faces, and additional definitions for the letters’ fronts.

Metal Letter Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

The resulting style elements are hollow in the back, which allows for the addition of threads for stud mounts. Moreover, the absence of the additional weight encourages the design of elements with greater depths that not even sign foam with metal overlays can mimic. Best of all, these letters come in a broad range of fonts, sizes, and looks.

Some clients request to paint the letters. Others want to play up the metal color. For bronze, clients occasionally ask for artificial aging of the material, which further boosts the medium’s fantastic display opportunities. Another option is the installation of LEDs behind the letters. Combined with standoff mounts, this results in impressive cast metal letters with halo illumination.

Are You Looking for Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Offices in Orange County, CA?

Lobby logo signs for offices in Orange County CA

Cast and flat-cut metal letters are just a couple of your choices. Our shop also works with materials such as acrylic, PVC, and sign foam. These 3D letters may range from a fraction of an inch to up to three inches in depth. Combining sign foam with acrylic or metal laminate is a good choice when you want to keep an eye on the bottom line.

By the way, we also work with logo boards. Starting with an acrylic or metal board, we add your corporate information in the form of an imprinted vinyl overlay. With clear acrylic, consider integrating your wall color into the sign’s design. When you favor a solid color or metal, why not add LEDs behind the board for halo illumination?

With so many design options open to you, it makes sense that you are wondering what setup is right for you. Connect with the specialists at Superior Signs and Graphics today to learn more about your options and see what your corporate persona in sign form could look like!

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