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Custom Building Sign for Fullerton, CA Realtor Who Rebranded!

 Jul 18, 2022

We recently had the opportunity to travel back to 124 West Wilshire. In 2018, we put together a building sign for RE/MAX Cornerstone. It consisted of PVC lettering we placed on aluminum. In 2021, the company rebranded and became EXP Realty. Our shop did a new sign. The most recent custom 3D building sign in Fullerton, CA, we did for the client came in the wake of rebranding as Circa.

Custom 3D Building Sign in Fullerton CA

Following the Rules of Local Municipalities is Our Specialty

The client does business in a historical part of Fullerton, which comes with stringent signage regulations. For example, the City would not allow us to make additional building penetrations for a new sign. Would we be able to help this client with a new sign anyway? You bet!

Building Sign Installations

Our technicians used the same size one-eighth-of-an-inch thick aluminum backer hole pattern we relied on last time. Besides that, we salvaged the concrete sleeve anchors from the previous sign. We then manufactured a new panel and painted it white; we added a one-inch-thick black PVC logo and the letter elements. Installers could then take the finished product and attach it to the building with the concrete anchors.

Custom Building Signs

From the front, you only see the brushed aluminum caps that cover the anchors. The white panel perfectly contrasts the letter colors and the black building color!

Signage Installation is an Art and a Science

It is interesting to note that old-town Fullerton is not the only venue that puts restrictions on signage installation. There are also plenty of building owners who do not want their tenants to have sign installers drill holes into the facades. Check your lease; you might live in one of these venues.

Fullerton CA Building Signs

Our team routinely works within the rules of homeowner associations, building owners, municipalities, and neighborhood covenants.

  • Site survey. Before discussing sign mounting options, we conduct a site survey. At that time, we check on the facade’s overall consistency, note any holes that have already been drilled, and investigate the possibility of reaching illuminated components from behind the wall.
  • Alternatives. After reviewing zoning rules and leases and learning about your preferences, we offer you some other options. For example, 3D building letters install well as flush mounts, with standoffs, or against the backdrop of a panel.
  • Innovations. Of course, we are not afraid to get creative. If you are looking for a way to stand out in all the right ways, we can combine multiple mounting options and material selections for n eye-catching presentation.

Do You Need a New Custom 3D Building Sign in Fullerton, CA?

Are you opening a new business? Are you rebranding and need to make changes to your signage? Maybe you are just considering upgrading the building sign that you currently rely on for advertising, brand building, and wayfinding. Discuss your thoughts with our specialists, and learn about the various installation options that are open to you.

By the way, we can also assist you with secondary signage that will help emphasize your brand. Examples include A-frames and window graphics. Call us today!

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