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Custom Brushed Metal Lobby Signs for Offices in Irvine, CA!

 Feb 06, 2019

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs Irvine CA

West-Com designs nurse call systems. It focuses its attention on the unique needs of each customer. In addition, the firm provides training, support, and consulting. When it needed custom brushed-metal lobby signs for its offices, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Elegant Reception Area Signage Sets the Tone of the Office

We consulted with our client to receive the specs and job details. We began with a half-inch-thick acrylic sheet. Our technicians cut out the style elements that define the corporate persona. These include the lettering and logo details.

Choices for brushed metal lobby signs Irvine CA

Brushed metal lobby signs offer a professional look!

Next, we added brushed metal facings. Installers stud-mounted the pieces to the wall. When you look at it, you will notice that the sign has a different appearance, depending on the light and angle it is viewed from. This sign is chic, bespeaks the high-tech niche the client is in, and now presents a professional view behind the reception desk.

Insider Design Tips Save Our Clients Thousands!

Metal is a coveted material for lobby signs. We routinely create signs for companies that ask for brass, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum. That said, metal lobby signs are expensive. We help clients to save money by finding aesthetically attractive workarounds.

For example, attaching metal laminates to an acrylic or foam substrate is an excellent option. It also cuts a third off the bill. Another option is the use of metallic paint. By adding a high-gloss finish, it is possible to give a sign foam setup a million-dollar appearance.

Work with a Sign Shop That Sees a Project Through from Inception to Installation

Irvine CA Brushed Metal Lobby Signs

Ready to change your reception area?

Working with one sign company rather than multiple contractors has numerous advantages.

  • Protecting the integrity of the design. When you work with a designer who also oversees the manufacture of the signage, you ensure that the product looks the same way that you envisioned. Make a mistake here, and there may be slight differences in the ways that the sign appears from the original sketch.
  • Color matches. Our shop guarantees the Pantone color matching system. Doing so lets us create subsequent signage that all has the same color play. Most importantly, you know that the signage you are adding to what is already there will match.
  • One call does it all. We provide project management. Our team handles the design, permitting process, manufacturing, and installation. If you have questions at any stage of the project, you only need to make one call to get answers. There is no run-around or check-ins with third parties.
  • Subsequent service options. If the sign ever needs servicing, call us. We take care of cleaning, repairs, upgrades, and moving of the elements.

How to Order Custom Brushed-Metal Lobby Signs for Offices

Discuss your needs with our design experts. We can show you different renditions of the ideal lobby sign for your space. Most importantly, we can adapt it to work well with other signage products that you already have in place. Besides that, we can suggest design elements that will make the product stand out. Contact us today to get started!

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