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Custom 3D Logo Sign for Physical Therapy Provider in Los Alamitos Brands Its Offices!

 Feb 14, 2019

Patients find Sarton Physical Therapy at 3561 Howard Avenue. When this physical therapy provider wanted to boost recognition of its Pelvic Healing brand, a management team representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Custom 3D Logo Sign in Los Alamitos, CA, Creates the Brand Presence the Provider Envisions

Custom Lobby Logo Wall Signs Los Alamitos CA

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The physical therapist specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. As a result, the clinic has a unique brand interest in the term “Pelvic Healing.” To get this point across to the patient, the clinic’s management team asked us to combine its logo with this term. We began the project with measurements and the receipt of specs.

Next, our technicians created a foam lobby sign that consists of the individual style elements that spell out the term. In addition, we used foam to create the logo portion. We then clad the lettering with brushed metal faces. For the logo, we used a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay to capture the intricacies of the detailed graphic.

This brushed metal lobby logo sign now creates an attractive brand representation. The black sides of the style elements beautifully contrast with its metal fronts. Similarly, they contrast with the cream-colored wall tones. The professional look and feel of this setup are not lost on the patients who come for care to this facility.

Using Lobby Signs Around the Office

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The most common use for a lobby sign is behind the reception desk in the entryway. There, it greets clients, makes an excellent first impression, and firmly positions your brand in the minds of the customers. However, there are additional uses for this signage solution.

  • Conference rooms. Next to the lobby, the customer might spend a lot of time in the conference room. Set up the seating so that your representative sits with the back to a lobby sign. Moreover, this could also become the backdrop for video conferences. Therefore, your corporate persona is always in sight no matter what the professional interaction might be.
  • Treatment areas. In healthcare offices, there are frequently multiple treatment rooms. Place a smaller version of your lobby sign into these venues. There, your office’s branding helps the patient to take note of your details and remember them. This is of particular importance if you are a specialist who looks to patients for referrals. Since they only spend limited time at your venue, make the brand message memorable for them.
  • Employee lounges. Your employees are ideally suited to be your most ardent brand ambassadors. They know your commitment to customer care. Similarly, they believe in your product or service. Placing a lobby sign into the employee lounge underscores the understanding that they are part of something more significant. Most importantly, it gives the family feel that so many companies foster.

Ordering Your Lobby Sign Today

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Do you need a custom 3D logo sign for your business? Entrust our sign shop with the project. Begin with a consultation with the graphic artist. During this meeting, you find out how we can make your corporate message come to life. If you have budgetary concerns, we help you find workarounds that give the sign a great look at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today to begin the project!

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