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Custom 3D Logo Sign for Los Angeles Construction Company Adds Flair to the Office Lobby!

 Sep 05, 2017

What do you do when you want to present your corporate persona with flair and style? The answer is easy: Display 3D logo lobby signs in Los Angeles, CA, that underscore your brand message with an artistic twist. Case in point is the Tyler Development Corporation at 1932 Cotner Avenue.

PVC Lobby Sign Becomes an Eye-Catching Attraction

3D Logo Lobby Signs | Los Angeles CA

An intricate “puzzle” design worked perfectly for this lobby sign!

The company’s niche is home building with an eye on superior craftsmanship and upscale design details. Its tagline identifies integrity, quality, and professionalism as the hallmarks that drive it. Encapsulating this message into a lobby sign is no easy feat. When we met with our client, we discussed how best to communicate its brand.

After the consultation, we designed and manufactured a product that spells out the corporate name. It features PVC letters of two separate sizes. The larger letters have a depth of one-quarter inch whereas the smaller ones are one-half inch thick. By mounting the smaller ones in puzzle style to the larger ones, they visually appear to jump from these style elements.

Rather than use the standard mounting techniques, our installers relied on an epoxy mount that attached the lettering to the brick wall. It heightens the aesthetics that juxtapose the colors of the signage with the tones of the wall surface. When clients now visit the offices of the Tyler Development Corporation, they see the same display as they did when checking out the business online.

Artistry is a Big Part of Lobby Sign Design

Lobby Signs for Construction Companies | Los Angeles CA

3D Logo lobby signs a popular choice!

There used to be a time when a lobby sign was a standard display of dimensional letters featuring metal. Since then, sign making has moved on and brought countless innovations to the market. Today, options abound.

  • Metal and metal laminates. Aluminum and stainless steel are just two metals that business owners prefer for their foyer signage. But when the cost of the material threatens to derail your plans, consider a thin veneer in the form of a laminate. We can mount it to foam or acrylic.
  • Acrylic. Acrylic is the ideal presentation for artistic and eccentric designs. It combines well with other materials. We can paint it or cover it with a printed vinyl overlay. For gradient color changes, the latter is an excellent option.
  • Plastic. Bring three-dimensional appeal to your reception area with plastic lettering. Prismatic facings make the material a good choice for businesses in creative fields such as fashion design and interior décor. Rounded faces are another option for including the 3D elements in the overall display of the office design presentation.

Impress with 3D Logo Lobby Signs in Los Angeles, CA

3D Logo Lobby Signs for Development Companies in Los Angeles

Ready to add flair to your lobby?

Angelenos have sophisticated tastes. The city is world-famous for its style and eye for flair. When your brand message falls in line with this attitude, you cannot afford to leave a lobby sign’s appearance to chance. At Superior Signs and Graphics, we routinely work with business owners just like you on putting together upscale signage solutions that stand for a brand message in new and creative ways.

Call us today to learn more about the process and to get started on your project.

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