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Custom 3D Lobby Sign for Home Improvement Contractor in Upland!

 Sep 10, 2018

Quality Home Improvement, Inc. does business at 222 North Mountain Avenue. This firm provides general contracting services that encompass a broad range of tasks. Examples include deck sealing, patio construction, and whole-house fan installations. When the company needed a new custom 3D lobby sign, the management team contacted our sign shop.

Foam Letters Create a Stunning Lobby Welcome

3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs Upland CA

Adding your logo to your lobby sign boosts branding power!

We worked with the team to receive the specs. It was crucial to get the brand message precisely right. We shaped the letters by using sign foam. It is a durable material that is well-suited for interior usage. Next, we clad the logo style elements with brushed metal faces.

For the rest of the letters, we used a custom-mixed paint. Doing so allowed us to present the well-known brand message that Quality Home Improvement in Upland stands for. The combination of color and brushed metal looks impressive against the cream-colored wall. Moreover, the thickness of the elements is an immediate eye-catcher. This remarkable sign now greets visitors to the reception area.

Dimensional Sign Letters Welcome Visitors to Your Company

Custom 3D Logo Lobby Letter Signs Upland CA

Add your website URL to your lobby sign!

Three-dimensional lettering is not just for building letters. In fact, it is quickly becoming a favorite among Upland business owners in search of lobby signage. The 3D visual appeal is undeniable. Unlike flatter displays, these signs pop. They easily become focal points of any wall, which makes additional artwork unnecessary.

Choose a material that supports your branding.

  • Foam. Take a page from the playbook of Quality Home Improvement and select foam. It is a budget-friendly option that allows for formidable presentations in your lobby. Heighten the visual effects with targeted lighting that emphasizes shadow play.
  • Acrylic. Another favorite is acrylic. It is a stylish alternative to foam that we can paint with a matte or glossy finish. Business owners use it for dimensional letters as well as logo panels.
  • Formed plastic. If you want to impress with rounded edges or prismatic faces, you cannot go wrong with formed plastic. It offers you a full-color palette and presents with opportunities for varying thicknesses.
  • Metal. Choose from aluminum, stainless steel, copper, or a variety of other materials. Most business owners ask us to maintain the excellent look of the material rather than painting the metal in various custom colors. Of course, we can always heighten the attractive appearance of metal with targeted touch-ups.

If you have a taste for metal but a budget that is closer to foam, consider a middle ground. Metal laminates are an excellent option for business owners who want to present a brand message that exemplifies longevity and niche presence. However, the cost is far less than what you would pay for a solid metal presentation.

Ordering a Custom 3D Lobby Sign

3D Logo Lobby Signs Upland CA

Made of foam, this lobby sign shines!

Our graphic artist can show you what the difference between a laminate and solid metal setup looks like. We gladly assist you in creating a look that encapsulates your brand message. If necessary, we happily also work with more unusual materials such as glass, bamboo, or granite. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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