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Corporate Office Branding with Acrylic Wall Logo Signs in Cerritos, CA!

 Mar 13, 2023

GWI/Ingredients Online has been a valued client since 2014. In 2020, Superior Signs and Graphics assisted the business with a rebranding from Green Wave Ingredients to Ingredients Online. Check out the 3D building sign we did for them in 2020. This time, we helped the client with additional acrylic logo wall signs for offices in Cerritos, CA.

3d building logo signs in carritos, ca

Custom Office Logo Wall Signs Complete the Company’s In-Office Branding

Last year, our shop did some one-inch-thick white, dimensional letters on a blue wall. The client’s logo is displayed in a vinyl graphic. This time, we added half-inch-tick three-dimensional versions of the logo in the center of the wall and another one on the other side of the large, open room. 

acrylic logo wall signs for office in cerritos, ca

You may remember that we also recently did 3D logo signs and graphics for Anaheim trade shows for the client. As a part of the presentation, the client expects to welcome visitors who attend the Natural Products Expo. These latest custom business logo signs complete the in-office brand building that will be perfectly positioned when customers and other visitors come in after the trade show. 

3D Office Logo Signs for Any Office Space

Three-dimensional logo signs are no longer just for the lobby. While a lobby sign is still a must-have, the added logo signs now serve to draw the attention of visitors. Moreover, they might not be on the focal wall. Sometimes, they are on the walls of conference rooms, senior partners’ offices, and other spaces where employees or customers may spend some time. 

3d office logo signs in cerritos, ca

It creates a branding experience that takes advantage of your space, particularly the walls. Also, these three-dimensional logos can support additional signage products you have integrated with your interior decor. 

  • Repurposed trade show displays. After featuring your company at a trade show or expo, you have several exhibits suitable for showing off in your lobby or waiting room. There, table throws and brochures will become customer education materials.
  • Banner stands with changing displays. If you use banner stands throughout your space to advertise services or products, consider placing them near the logos. The combination of brand mentions works perfectly to create brand awareness and knowledge. 
  • Hanging banners. Another reason to place 3d logo wall signs up is the opportunity to draw the eye higher. If you use ceiling-mounted banners, the wall logos will draw the eye higher and ensure that visitors take note of the messages you display.

 business logo signs in cerritos, ca

Is It Time to Step up Your Branding?

Invest in acrylic logo wall signs for offices in Cerritos, CA, or other locations for an excellent display setup. We gladly assist you with adding three-dimensional letters and logos to existing murals, lettering, and similar signage. Moreover, our technicians can ensure a complete color match. Call us today to discuss this project!

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