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Commercial Truck Wraps & Graphics Work in Orange County, CA!

 Sep 08, 2020

Do you remember when we mentioned that it is possible to use high-resolution images for amazing commercial truck wraps and graphics in Orange County, CA? The resulting product is so visually stunning that people stop to look twice at the wrapped vehicle as it drives by. One recent example is the work Superior Signs and Graphics did for AlumaDoor.

High-Resolution Photo Leads to a Stunning Vehicle Treatment

Commercial Truck Wraps and Graphics in Orange County CA

AlumaDoor specializes in garage doors with wood grain options as well as Plexiglas panels. It is a revolutionary setup that allows the light to come into your garage without giving curious neighbors or passersby a chance to peek inside. The client requested a vehicle wrap that would allow the firm’s box truck to become a movable advertisement for this product.

Box Truck Wraps in Orange County CA

Because Superior Signs and Graphics has invested in the latest print equipment, our technicians were able to take a high-resolution photo the client provided and enlarge it into a detailed wrap product. It features the Plexiglas garage door complete with daytime reflections. The box truck now displays the product over three-quarters of the sides.

One quarter is reserved for the company’s name, logo, contact information, and online address. Because many consumers are accustomed to using QR codes, the company added one that we placed together with this information. As a result, the truck wrap is a work of art that displays various ways for the customer to connect with a representative.

What Should Your Next Wrap Feature?

Box Truck Graphics in Orange County CA

Our team custom designs each wrap for our clients. No two products are the same. Because the goal is brand building, it is essential that we feature a unique graphic design for each project.

When advertising, many business clients have had excellent success by featuring images of targeted products. A case in point is the specialty garage door that AlumaDoor offers. This setup works whether you sell garage doors, windows, roofs, or vegetables.

Commercial Truck Graphics in Orange County CA

Other clients turn their focus on brand-building. Instead of drawing attention to a specific product or service, the company prefers to highlight its corporate persona. Our graphic artist can put together a design that emphasizes your brand colors, fonts, and logo pieces. In this way, you can be sure that the customer recognizes your information and easily connects it to similar information online.

We Can Help with Commercial Truck Wraps and Graphics in Orange County, CA!

Vinyl Wraps for Box Trucks in Orange County CA

Superior Signs and Graphics is your one-stop sign shop in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Our technicians serve business owners in a wide variety of fields. Most importantly, we have plenty of experience with vehicle graphics and wraps. Because our team underwent the rigorous 3M training, we can now competently advise you on the types of vinyl to use and how to save money with a combination of different types.

Getting your next wrap is as easy as discussing your goals for the design. We assist you with the look of the product and show you the different ways of putting together the style elements. Find out more about your options by calling Superior Signs and Graphics at (714) 248-5901.

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