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Commercial Property Signs Designed, Fabricated, and Installed by Superior Signs and Graphics in Buena Park!

 Dec 06, 2018

Commercial Property Signs | Buena Park CA

You find Marcus & Millichap at 880 Apollo Street in El Segundo. This firm supports real estate investors who focus on commercial properties. Examples include self-storage facilities, hospitality venues, and apartments. When the company needed commercial property signs, its management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Apartment Complexes Receive “Financed By” Signs

After consulting with the client, we designed the look of five separate signs. The company had financed the apartment complexes for the owner. This owner now approved signage that identified Marcus & Millichap. Four of these signs are designed to be mounted to the wall. One is a post and panel marker.

Anti-Graffiti Commercial Property Signs Buena Park CA

Watch a video on how the anti-graffiti laminate works!

The signs feature an attractive mix of dark blue, orange, and white. It displays the firm’s corporate persona and offers contact information. One of the signs was reachable from the ground. We applied an anti-graffiti coating to protect the client’s investment in the signage. These products look attractive and boost the visual appeal of the properties. At the same time, they brand the client’s firm.

Custom Real Estate Signs for Your Commercial Property

Your property signs are, of course, designed to advertise the venue. However, they also sell your brand. Therefore, they must encapsulate your message. The message could focus on the trustworthiness of your office, your ability to make high-dollar deals happen, or the large inventory that you represent. Making this information available is easy when you choose the right wording.

For Lease Commercial Property Signs Buena Park CA

Protect the investment of your commercial property signs!

In the case of Marcus & Millichap, “Financed by” signage is ideally suited to meet all these requirements. Your wording might be different. What should be similar is the execution of the signage. Markers must be professional and present with a premier appearance that appeals to your targeted demographic. Most importantly, it has to last. These are not signs that you want to keep replacing.

Material Choices for Property Signs

There are plenty of options for effective real estate signs. Selection depends on the nature of the property, its address, and your audience.

  • Dibond. This material combines a plastic interior with aluminum on either side. It is an excellent option for a durable signage presentation. Most importantly, it allows for upscale appearances and plenty of customization.
  • Alumalite. The next step up is Alumalite. It features a similar construction as Dibond but is stronger. Add a reflective coating to catch the eye of drivers after dark.
  • Corrugated plastic. This material is typically used for short-term signage. When you want to draw a lot of attention to a property, use a number of these products as yard signs. They support the larger signage that you already have in place. You might choose to feature these signs to boost buyer interest in a location that has not generated many calls.
Graffiti-Proof Commercial Property Signs Buena Park CA

Learn about the graffiti-proof process!

  • No matter what signage material you choose, consider the addition of an anti-graffiti coating. It lets your staff clean up permanent marker scribbles and spray paint. Doing so ensures that the signage remains pristine with a minimum of effort. Therefore, it protects your investment. Most importantly, it maintains the attractive nature of the property. You can watch a YouTube video on how this product works!Learn more about available commercial property signs for your venue today by contacting our sign shop.

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