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Custom 3D Lobby Logo Signs Designed, Fabricated, and Installed by Superior Signs and Graphics in Buena Park!

 Dec 05, 2018

Custom 3D Lobby Logo Signs | Buena Park CA

How do you translate the corporate logo and lettering from your website into a custom 3D lobby logo sign? The pros at Superior Signs and Graphics have a few ideas that can help you do precisely that. Case in point is the recent project we did for Zephyr Financial Strategies & Insurance Solutions. Located at 2 North Lake Avenue in Pasadena, this firm uses the tools at its disposal to make customers’ financial dreams become a reality.

Acrylic is an Ideal Material for Lobby Sign Designs

We worked with our client to find an ideal way of translating the online persona into a three-dimensional sign. We started with a sheet of acrylic. Our technicians cut out the individual style elements and painted them in the company’s iconic blue tone. Some of the components received gold metal facings.

3D Logo Lobby Signs Pasadena CA

Boost branding power by adding your logo to your lobby sign!

The original logo has small lettering at the bottom. It would not have looked right to cut out these pieces and install them underneath the company’s name. Therefore, we used a stylish workaround. We made a box around the lettering and reverse-cut it. Now, you see an eye-catching custom acrylic logo sign that incorporates the wall’s color in its look. The client was delighted with the exquisite design and presentation.

Signage Customization is the Secret to Making a Great Impression on the Customer

There is not one perfect sign. Rather, the approach to each client’s signage must be as unique as the company’s branding. For Zephyr, there is the combination of the colors as well as the hint at motion within the logo’s design. This setup bespeaks the Zephyr difference.

For your company, the setup will be different. Maybe it is a combination of colors and a glossy finish. Another firm could benefit from a unique installation method. Depending on what your business is about, your sign should encapsulate the message and present it with pizzazz to the customer.

Dimensional Letter Lobby Logo Signs Buena Park CA

Dimensional letters will make your lobby sign get noticed!

Choose Your Material and Setup with the Help of an Expert in the Field

Our graphic artist is your go-to professional for putting together the ideal signage setup. It starts with the material selection.

  • Acrylic. Opt for a board or individual lettering. Acrylic is excellent for painting in a variety of colors. That said, you could leave it clear and add your information as an imprinted vinyl overlay.
  • Metal. Most clients choose brushed aluminum. However, you have other options, too. Consider brass, bronze, or stainless steel. We can paint the metal or leave it in its base color. Some clients enjoy the addition of an artificially aged looked that we could apply with a patina.
  • Foam. Sign foam is suitable for dramatic displays. Go three inches deep. We paint it the color of your choice or add metal facings to dress up the signage.

Our artist can work with a design you already have or put together a new look. If you have specs but recently rebranded, we can make the adjustments you need to showcase the new look of your corporate persona. Remember also to talk to the expert about installation options.

Contact us today to learn more about the available choices for custom 3D lobby logo signs! Superior Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around the counties of Los Angeles and Orange.

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