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Commercial Property For Lease Signs with Anti-Graffiti Coating Help Property Managers Fill Vacancies in Anaheim!

 Jul 31, 2019

Commercial Property For Lease Signs with Anti-Graffiti Coating | Anaheim CA

Over the years, we have done quite a bit of work for Atlas Properties Real Estate Services. There were the “For Sale” signs in the classic V-shape. We also did several “For Lease” signs. Just recently, the company contacted us to put together another set of commercial property “For Lease” signs in Anaheim. All of these signs had one thing in common: anti-graffiti laminate that would keep tagging from damaging the signs.

Case Study: Who Uses Anti-Graffiti Laminate?

V-Shaped Real Estate Signs in Anaheim CA

Watch a video to see how the anti-graffiti coating is applied!

More and more property management companies are catching on to the savings their businesses could realize if they were to add this laminate. We have done “For Lease” and “For Sale” signs for several different companies that are satisfied with the results.

In the past, you might have added the laminate for signage that was put up near a highway or ongoing construction site. These markers were typically the ones that would get vandalized. However, now, companies request this coating even when their signs display in mixed-use neighborhoods. Why is that? The answer is simple: graffiti is becoming more common. Most importantly, it detracts from the professional impression a company makes.

Understanding How Anti-Graffiti Laminate Works

Commercial Property For Lease Signs that are Graffiti-Free Anaheim CA

These V-shaped for lease signs easy to see from all sides!

Our sign shop continues to print your signs the way you specify. We can directly imprint the material or create an imprinted vinyl overlay. As we did before, we can add UV enhancements to protect the colors. We then add the anti-graffiti coating as an over-laminate. It protects the digitally printed images from a broad range of paint chemicals.

Examples include permanent markers, spray paint, and similar products. If a tagger does put graffiti on your sign, it is easy to remove it with a standard removal product. Some clients have used lacquer thinner with excellent results. There is no need to rub and scrape. Simply apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and gently clean off the scribbles.

Do Business with a Sign Shop That Knows How to Combine Durability with Product Protection

Graffiti-Free For Lease Signs in Anaheim CA

Our graffiti-free signs are great for property managers!

Superior Signs and Graphics wants to save you money. We understand that you do not want to keep replacing the signs that you have paid for. This is one of the reasons why we are one of the few local area sign shops that offer anti-graffiti coatings.

However, our commitment to excellent product protection goes further. We work with weather-proof substrates such as aluminum composites or marine-grade plywood. Doing so allows you to keep reusing the signs over and over again. Besides that, we use white vinyl or pressure-treated posts that we can install as single-panel signs, double-sided displays, or in V-shaped configurations.

Do You Need Assistance with Designing “For Lease” Signs with Anti-Graffiti Coating? We Do That, Too!

Where to buy for lease real estate signs in Anaheim CA

Ready to order anti-graffiti signs and protect your investment?

Our graphic artist is an expert at creating eye-catching designs that encapsulate your brand message while advertising a specific property. You do not need to rely on the bland signage you might be able to buy at the big box office supply store. If you already have some ideas, our artist will gladly incorporate them into the finished design. See how you could customize your display today!

Contact us now to schedule your design appointment or visit us to put in your order.Free quote on commercial property anti-graffiti for lease signs in Anaheim CA

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