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Commercial Box Truck Wraps and Graphics for Schools in Orange County, CA, Deliver Lunches and Healthy Eating Messages!

 Apr 05, 2024

An earlier project sent us to the Fullerton School District to put together signs and window graphics. We used student art for the designs. This time, we returned to install box truck wraps and graphics for schools in Orange County, CA. And, yes, we used student art as the designs!

orange county, ca truck wraps and graphics for schools

Commercial Truck 3M Vinyl Wraps for Vehicles That Deliver School Lunches

The district uses four box trucks to deliver lunches each day to its schools. The Nutrition Department had the vision to use student art as a way to connect with children and underscore the importance of healthy food choices. We helped the district set up a contest to design the wraps for the lunch delivery trucks.

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