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Buena Park Sign Company Helps General Container Rebrand Its Facility!

 Nov 28, 2017

Relocation and Rebranding Signs Buena Park CA

Frequently, fellow members of the Buena Park business community contact our sign shop for assistance. Case in point is the General Container Corporation. You find the company at 5450 Dodds Avenue. Its headquarters welcome clients in need of theatrical displays and retail merchandising products. Because the firm recently rebranded, it needed new signage to present the changes.

Helping with Rebranding Signs in Buena Park, CA

After consulting with our client, we received the specs for the new signage. In total, we tackled six separate projects.

Logo on the front glass door. This logo features the white edge and blue coloring with its lettering inside the letter.

Vinyl Door Graphics | Buena Park | Orange County CA

Window Graphics!

Building logo panel above the front door. You see a larger version of the door glass logo above the entrance. It makes recognition of the symbol from farther away a snap.

Building Panel Logo Signs | Buena Park CA

Logo Panel Signs!

Interior window perf. Perforated vinyl creates a three-dimensional image of the logo on the boss’ interior office window. Because of the window’s frame, it looks a lot like the artwork that also hangs on the hallway wall.

Interior Window Graphics | Buena Park | Orange County

Interior Window Graphics!

Visitor parking signs. Welcoming clients with dedicated parking spots ensures that the customer never has to look for a space to leave a vehicle. We added the signage that identifies the parking spots as belonging to the business and being reserved for customers.

Parking Lot Signs | Buena Park | Orange County CA

Visitor Parking Signs!

Logo panel next to the building foam letters. The letters themselves were in excellent shape, and the client had them repainted. We only updated the logo portion of the building sign.

Foam Letter Building Signs | Buena Park CA

Foam Letter Building Sign with Logo!

Three large sign panels on the pylon/monument. The old pylon setup showed its age. It featured a split sign setup where the top displayed the logo, and the slimmer bottom panel featured the name and a logo repetition. We updated the product with chic new panels in a contemporary style. They now display the logo, corporate name, and a niche explanation.

Pylon Sign Panels | Buena Park CA

Pylon Sign Panels!

Why Changing Your Signage after a Rebranding Matters

Do your customers still recognize your business? More importantly, do they know that you have changed the look and feel of your symbol, font, or color display? Unless you change your signage, they may not. A failure to do a comprehensive signage upgrade will make it more difficult for prospective clients to recognize you. They might know your brand representation from the website but do not notice the new you.

On the exterior, the monument sign, building marker, and any window graphics you have must display the new images as soon as possible. Moving on to the inside, consider any needed changes to panel signs, lobby markers, and branded messages that you display throughout the venue. Companies that have invested in mobile marketing should also factor in that their vehicle wraps or graphics might need an upgrade. In most cases, this is a minor fix, and it will not be necessary to redo the entire product.

Discuss Your Signage Needs with the Buena Park Experts

Are you rebranding in Buena Park, CA? Maybe you are putting up your very first business sign in the city. Our sign shop can help. We refurbish existing signage, upgrade outdated products, and design brand new ones from scratch. Our experts can handle the project from inception all the way through the installation process – and beyond. Contact us today to get started!

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