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Brushed Metal Lobby Sign Adds Tasteful Elegance to New Business Logo in Orange County!

 Jul 13, 2017


Brushed Metal Lobby Logo Signs Orange County CA

Located at 8331 Juniper Avenue, Suite 200, in Fontana, The Movement Real Estate is the result of a concerted re-branding effort by The Now Agency. When this group of real estate entrepreneurs opened their offices, the team contacted our signage pros to discuss logo lobby signs for real estate companies in Orange County, CA. After deciding on a shift in the company’s brand expression, the team called us again to replace last year’s sign with a new product.

Communicating a Brand Message with Pizzazz

3D Logo Lobby Signs Orange County CA

Striking and a great way to brand your lobby!

After consulting with our client and receiving the new brand specs, our graphic artists went to work. We designed a painted foam sign that incorporates brushed metal into the marker’s overall appearance. The lettering that spells out “mvmt” features the metal; the rest of the product, which includes the logo as well as the full name, shows off the orange brand color.

Re-branding a Business Makes Sense

You do not have to have been in business for decades to consider a re-branding. Some companies recognize early on that they would be able to reach their targeted demographic more effectively with a different brand expression. In another situation, the targeted group ends up not being the most numerous buyer demographic. In this scenario, it could pay huge dividends to change the way you market to consumers.

Brushed Metal 3D Logo Lobby Signs Irvine CA

3D Logos increase brand power!

Altering a brand message by adding a new component is a step that companies take when merging with another firm. Presenting both brand messages in a harmonious manner assists established client bases to become loyal to the new business. Typically, the new entity keeps the look in place or undergoes another change in the future to merge both logos into one.

Changing Signage after a Re-branding is a Snap when You Work with the Experts

Our full-service sign shop routinely works with companies that decide to tweak their brands. It is true that this activity can seem overwhelming at first. There are numerous signage solutions to change. But did you know that it is possible to upgrade some of them rather than completely change them out? Case in point is the electrical cabinet that we can outfit with a new polycarbonate facing.

3D Logo Lobby Signs with Brushed Metal Orange County CA

Ready to update your lobby sign?

Because our experts do quite a few of these projects, we have a system in place that helps business owners plan for their sign changes. We help you focus your attention on the interior, exterior, and any vehicle graphics you currently have in use. Doing so ensures that your new brand message rolls out as intended to consumers and none of the outdated markers confuse newcomers to the market.

Ordering Logo Lobby Signs for Real Estate Companies in Orange County, CA

Whether you need a new lobby sign for an incoming business or want to update the marker because of a change in the brand message, we can help. We also specialize in assisting franchise owners and gladly work with your business office to receive the signage specs for approved color and font combinations. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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