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Brushed Aluminum 3D Logo Sign for Agility Logistics in Carson Adds Dramatic Flair to the Lobby!

 Jun 08, 2020

Located at 21906 Arnold Center Road, Agility Logistics is a thought leader in the field of integrated logistics services for commercial and government applications. In the past, our sign shop had done work for the company’s Texas and Irvine locations. This time, the management team contacted us to assist with a brushed aluminum 3D logo sign in Carson CA.

Creating a Strong Brand Message with Brushed Aluminum

brushed aluminum 3D logo sign in Carson CA

Aluminum is a favorite for companies that are emphasizing their longevity in a niche. Agility Logistics is an excellent example of this trend. The company had previously requested a similar design for the other locations. For this one, too, the firm decided to stick with quarter-inch-thick brushed aluminum.

Because we would mount the style elements on wood wall boarding that creates an interesting backdrop, our technicians opted for pin-mounting the lobby sign with studs and spacers. In addition to supporting the wall type, this method also ensures that the three-dimensional characters give the illusion of floating above the surface just a little.

Now, visitors to the location, employees, and customers cannot help but see the metal rendition of the company’s corporate persona. The matte metal stands out perfectly above the multi-colored wood boards. Most importantly, the color contrasts help the logo portion to feature a unique pizzazz.

Metal Lobby Signs? We Make Those!

Lobby Logo Signs in Carson CA

If you have been thinking of introducing metal signage into your lobby or other areas of the office or storefront, we can assist you. Our sign shop routinely works with business owners who are upgrading their signage from different materials to take advantage of the great looks that metal brings to a location.

Of course, you once again have plenty of options. Among the most commonly chosen designs are brushed aluminum 3D letters. That said, our team can also fabricate the lettering from stainless steel, bronze, or brass. Moreover, some business owners have had excellent success with painting metal.

If the cost of metal signage is worrisome, consider the use of a budget-friendly substrate. Examples include PVC and sign foam. It is possible to make one to three-inch-thick lettering out of these materials and then add a metal laminate. In this way, you can enjoy the great looks of metal at a fraction of the cost.

By the way, some companies are now moving toward illuminated lobby signage. In these cases, we recommend scaling down channel letters to fit in perfectly with the size of your reception area. Another option is the concealment of LEDs behind individual letters.

Are You Ready to Buy a Brushed Aluminum 3D Logo Sign in Carson CA?

3D Logo Lobby Signs in Carson CA

Superior Signs and Graphics can assist you. We regularly work with L.A. companies to boost the great looks of their reception areas. Whether you need a lobby sign, something similar for your conference room, or a signage solution that perfectly fits the markers you already have in your space, we can help. We can work with the specs you already have or design something new from the ground up.

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